July 11, 2023

Diet and Exercise with Tony and Natasha King

Diet and Exercise with Tony and Natasha King

Tony and Natasha King spoke at our CTNNB1 conference last month. One of the topics that piqued a lot of interest was Tony Jr.’s diet and exercise program. In this episode, the Kings share how they took Tony Jr. to an Integrated Medicine doctor to get some help with his diet. 

We are lucky to have Fraser Bridgeman, CTNNB1 mom and Health Recovery Coach, in our community. She has offered to help our CTNNB1 families with food sensitivity testing. It is done at home with a finger prick, and it will show you which foods you should avoid. She is also able to provide a mineral and vitamin level lab at cost for CTNNB1 children. You can reach out to her via Facebook or at fraserbridgeman.com for more information.

Mentioned in episode: Tony and Natasha did a training called interactive metronome. It's an auditory sensory training that is typically handled through occupational therapy. They did it at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Delaware.