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July 14, 2022

#42 The Elegant Pivot Series: Developing a Spirit of Inquiry

#42 The Elegant Pivot Series: Developing a Spirit of Inquiry

We are finishing up a series that I've been doing with my coworker, colleague, and daughter, Jen Maneely with my book “The Elegant Pivot”. This is a book I wrote and published in 2001. We've been following the five main principles of the elegant pivot around how to assume positive intent. The fifth principle is to develop a spirit of inquiry. And if you haven’t read my book, or need a refresher on the five principles, they are:

1: Discern Signal from Noise

2: Focus on what You Want

3: Take Nothing Personally

4: Master Your Stories

5: Develop A Sense of Inquiry

And boy, did we dive in today on that. My daughter and I actually had a couple of daughter and mommy moments or mommy daughter moments, however you want to put that, where we discovered where some of our patterns come from, and what patterns have to do with asking questions. 

So, we went into everything from how to ask a good question, how to not interrogate somebody, how to recognize when you're feeling vulnerable, and more.  I hope you enjoy this podcast and I hope you enjoyed this series as well with Jen Maneely.