Aug. 24, 2023



Need some inspiration?

In this first topic based episode, host Tim Ristow goes solo, taking you on a deep dive into what it means to be inspired, how inspiration works and how best to respond to it when you're inspired.   Ristow gives listeners 5 important takeaways on how you can help jumpstart inspiration in your own creative life.  Learn how inspiration influences our creativity, our faith, and what we create; get some Biblical examples of inspiration along the way; and examine the greatest Creative of all time – God, and His inspiration. 

Bible Verse Citations:

  • John 15:5
  • Exodus 35:31-32
  • Genesis 1:1-28
  • Psalm 33:9
  • Psalm 104:24
  • Revelation 4:11
  • Ephesians 4:15
  • Psalm 46:10


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"My Dad as Storyteller" by Tim Ristow


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"Why Inspiration Matters"

"The Two Types of Inspiration"

"Shifting Mindsets: What Does It Take?"

"10 Ways for Christians to Embrace Our Creative Power"

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