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My new favorite podcast?
I wasn't even aware of this podcast, until you left a post about the Frank Hart & Kemper Crabb episode on a Facebook group I'm a member of (Christian Rock/Metal). I love Atomic Opera, so I gave it a listen. Fantastic interview! Now I have to go back and listen to the previous episodes. Thank you. God bless you. Keep up the great work.

One of the Best Podcasts for Creative Christians
I have recently discovered this podcast and can say it is a blessing to hear from a diverse group of creative Christians. And as a filmmaker, I love hearing from the Christian film/video community. It is a rare blessing. Thank you for your work Tim!

Grateful for this access into global community of Christian creatives. As iron sharpens iron we can keep running this race. Keep up the good podcasting! Requesting to hear from dance artists 🤗 Love from Korea

An Encouragement and a Joy
I’ve listened to a number of Tim’s podcasts, the latest being his interview with Eric Willis. I truly enjoy the richness of these interviews. Excellence, creativity and artistry shine in the lives of these fellow believers and provide a beautiful testimony to God’s creative Spirit in the lives of people. I know that these podcasts take a lot of time to plan, produce, and promote, so Tim, I am hugely thankful for your efforts and for your choice of “creatives” to interview. Encouraging and enjoyable to the max!

Great listening!
I have loved listening to all the Creative Christians pod casts! There are full of such interesting stories and inspiring testimonies!

Creative Collective
Tim Ristow has a radio voice, industry experience, and creative curiosity. Tim explores the connection faith brings to the arts and culture.

Great message for those who feel called!
Tim brings on interesting guests and has a great way of leading these creatives into telling their stories. Listening to how others have used their talents and gifts to further spread God’s love is inspiring.

Great Premise - Fabulous Start
Tim Rostow’s new Creative Christians podcast combines his faith and his work in a brilliant and promising format. For most creatives - myself included - our work often presents as our calling. He lives (as do his first guests) at the corner of “God-given gift and life in Christ.” For many in the writing world, life at the keyboards often becomes the method of sharing the message God’s impressed on our hearts. I’m looking forward to following Tim and his upcoming guests on this new endeavor - and discovering more of the life of the Creative Christian.