Jan. 29, 2024

Behind the Notes with Angie Goeke

Behind the Notes with Angie Goeke

Navigating the intersection of spirituality and artistry can often be challenging, but Americana and Folk musician Angie Goeke does it with grace.  Her story, which she shares with an open heart in our latest episode, is a tapestry of early choir experiences, the nurturing of her talent, and the strength to pursue her passion as a Christian creative in the secular music industry.  Angie shares her insights into creating music that combines cathartic lyrics, heartfelt storytelling and passionate instrumentation embodied by Americana, Folk and Bluegrass-infused tunes.

Angie also pulls back the curtain on the world of music production, giving us a peek into the relationships and partnerships that have shaped her journey. From the logistics of crafting an EP to the collaborative magic of studio recordings and the authenticity of live performances, Angie's behind-the-scenes stories underscore the importance of community and adaptability in the creative process. Her reflections on how her faith influences her work extend an invitation to listeners to consider the harmony possible between one's spiritual life and artistic pursuits.

Angie doesn't shy away from discussing the financial and promotional challenges faced by independent artists like herself. Her experience with crowdfunding reveals the communal effort required to bring creative visions to life, while her thoughts on mentorship emphasize the value of guidance and support. Angie's advice to fellow Christian creatives is a heartfelt reminder to view their gifts as acts of worship, encouraging listeners to embrace their creative spark as both a devotion and an intrinsic facet of their identity.

Episode concludes with Angie Goeke giving a touching acoustic performance of her song "Farewell".