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April 30, 2022

Searchable Video Content with Vyrill's Ajay Bam & John Casey

Searchable Video Content with Vyrill's Ajay Bam & John Casey

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by:

  • Ajay Bam,  CEO & Co-Founder at Vyrill
  • John Casey, Director of Business Development at Vyrill

This episode is sponsored by Vyrill, a fan video discovery, insights and content marketing platform enabling brand marketers to supercharge brand awareness and revenue with fan led content such as video reviews, unboxing, how-to videos and more. Vyrill is a Google for fan video and creators, capturing who, what, where and when –inside millions of videos.

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Ajay & John answer these questions:

1) Ajay - Wow! You’ve founded Vyrill 5 years ago, take us through the years and how the company has shaped itself to be what it is today as a video commerce leader?
2) Let’s talk about vyrill - value proposition. John - Why are CPG brands choosing to work with vyrill as a video analytics, UGC analytics provider? What need is Vyrill solving?
3) Ajay - Let’s explore all the solutions you offer - take us through all the capabilities a brand can find in partnership with you? What do you need from a brand to get started with your clients?
4) Ajay - What are the keys to success with leveraging video for commerce? How will this change the game for brands using your solution?
5) Ajay - How are retailers and marketplaces utilizing both UGC and branded videos?  (Amazon, etc) . John - anything you want to add?
6) Ajay - What type of video content drives conversion? How does Vyrill accelerate this conversion?
7) Let's get into ROI. John, how does a brand partnering with you measure the ROI of the investment with you? What metrics do you provide?
8) Ajay - What's next for Vyrill? What areas are there capability developments going on? What should your clients and prospects look forward to?

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