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Jan. 4, 2021

Value & Convenience with's Chieh Huang

Value & Convenience with's Chieh Huang

The CPG Guys Sri & PVSB welcome Chieh Huang, co-founder & CEO of for this episode.

Chieh co-founded 8 years ago. He holds a bachelors degree from Johns Hopkins and a law degree from Fordham.

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Questions Chieh answers include:

  1. Your career was born into the legal field early and then passed Astro Ape & Zynga? How was Boxed born? 
  2. What is the mission of and what consumer needs does it fulfill? Is it a club/value ecosystem?
  3. With the rapid growth of eCommerce in 2020, how is boxed keeping up with increased demand and fulfillment needs?
  4. What tools, avenues and vehicles does Boxed use to reach the consumer? What is your philosophy of value for the consumer?
  5. How are brand partnerships established with boxed? Is it a rigid criteria?
  6. What opportunities do brands have to highlight themselves on boxed? Is retail media a capability? How does a brand execute against this?
  7. What’s the role of content - digital shelf SEO copy, title, bullet points...what matters?
  8. The pandemic had a significant impact on manufacturer supply chain capabilities including private label. How did Boxed manage consumer expectations around OOS and how did you keep consumers engaged when they might not have been able to source products from you?
  9. How do you bring on new assortment from brands? Can brands bring on exclusive assortment only sold on boxed?
  10. Hacking growth in ecommerce requires a deep focus on numbers - what are the metrics that should matter to brands selling on boxed?

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