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Jan. 31, 2022

Retailer Preference Index with dunnhumby's Grant Steadman & Eric Karlson

Retailer Preference Index with dunnhumby's Grant Steadman & Eric Karlson

The CPG Guys, PVSB are joined in this episode by Grant Steadman, North America President & Eric Karlson, Director of Strategy & Insights at dunnhumby, the global leader in Customer Data Science, empowering businesses everywhere to compete and thrive in the modern data-driven economy.

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Grant & Eric speak about the recently-released 5th annual U.S. Retailer Preference Index Report. Find it here:

They answer these questions:

1) What is the purpose of the RPI and what are the core data components & methodology that lead to the results? Why is dunnhumby well-positioned to publish this research?
2) This is the 3rd year for RPI in the U.S. What’s different about this year’s report from a design perspective and what drove the changes?
3) What were the top finds from this year’s RPI? What mattered the most to shoppers and how is that different than last year?
4) We see some familiar names on the list of highly regarded retailers, Amazon, HEB, Wegmans. One surprise to us was actually Market Basket, a regional New England retailer not known for being an omnichannel powerhouse. What made them stand out?
5) Some of the retailers that didn’t fare as well in this year’s RPI still had record years for revenue growth. How should we reconcile this? Why did EDLP retailers not score as highly in the RPI?
6) Retailers with strong omnichannel digital capabilities scored highly. Amazon Fresh jumped up a few notches. Is digital a key momentum driver in this RPI analysis? Why?
7) Regional/super-regional retailers seemed to outperform the big national players. What would the RPI tell us about this?
8) How did omnichannel retailers operating their own eCommerce platform perform compared to those who operate through 3rd party marketplaces? What are some lessons from your findings?

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