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May 13, 2022

Retail Media Revolution with Skai's Nich Weinheimer

Retail Media Revolution with Skai's Nich Weinheimer

The CPG Guys, PVSB and Sri are joined in this episode by Nich Weinheimer, GM of Strategy and Commerce at Skai (fka Kenshoo). Skai is an AI-powered suite of technologies for brands and retailers including consumer and market insights, strategic planning, omnichannel media activation, testing and measurement. Skai’s solutions all share a uniquely comprehensive data foundation that informs intelligence and true incremental lift.

This episode is sponsored by Skai.

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Nich answers these questions:

1) How are Natural Language Processing and advanced analytics helping brands to surface powerful trends and predictive insights?
2) How are brands able to power Skai’s market intelligence capabilities with additional configurations and services involving 3rd party data sources? What are the connectivity options you afford to your clients in this pursuit?
3) How does Skai ensure that when connecting to 1st party data sources, security is at the forefront? What are the types of 1st party data that must be secured?
4) Apple mobile search is an important place for brands to market in pursuit of customer acquisition. How does Skai enable full-funnel optimization of bidding and manual intervention that improves Apple installs & in-app events?
5) In late March, I attended the Shoptalk Event in Las Vegas. On the second day, Kroger/84.51 announced that it was opening its Kroger Precision Marketing retail media platform to third party ad management platforms, notably Skai. Would you please provide us some detail as to what this involves and why brands should be excited about this partnership?
6) What is the state of retail media in the convenience channel. I know Gopuff has an established platform but I hear that some convenience omnichannel players are preparing to enter the marketplace. What intel do you have to share?
7) Auditing of campaign execution & performance may not sound like the most exciting service offered by Skai, but the improvements coming from audit can have a significant impact on future performance. Would you please expand?
8) What are Dynamic Commerce Ads and why is this revolutionary innovation in social-to-retailer advertising?

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