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April 8, 2023

Building a Member-Centric Retail Media Platform with Sam's Club MAP's Lex Josephs

Building a Member-Centric Retail Media Platform with Sam's Club MAP's Lex Josephs

The CPG Guys are joined by Lex Josephs, VP/GM of Sam's Club Member Access Platform, the retail media division of Sam's Club, a unit of Walmart. MAP’s mission is to provide the most valuable and additive ads experience to our member. It's our member-first approach that differentiates us, along with the combination of our platform, our products, our people, our processes, and our first-party data.

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Lex answers the following questions:

1) Lex, your career has some elite brands in your background but cemented in media development and audience. Take us through the years at Vevo, Pinterest, NBCUniversal, Walmart and now Sam’s club. What advice would you give to someone early in their career in this space seeking to follow in your footsteps?
2) Describe the various services of the MAP platform and what your brand partners can expect?
3) What are your thoughts on the technology trends that are emerging in our industry that are aiding you at MAP? How are you leveraging AI in this space?
4) Please tell us about your upcoming speaking position at a NextUp conference.
5) Can you give our audience an overview of how a seller can connect with MAP and what does it take to begin service and deliver for the consumer? How long does it take the execute the first campaign.
6) What are the various measurement / metrics you offer to enable brands to succeed? How do you live into the spirit of continuous improvement and keep yourself abreast of the dynamic nature of omnichannel evolution?
7) What is the difference in shopping behavior between men & women?
8) The last question on the CPG Guys is always ‘fast forward’ - whats next for you and the MAP platform?

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Lex JosephsProfile Photo

Lex Josephs

VP/GM Sam’s Club Member Access Platform

Alexis (Lex) Josephs is Vice President & General Manager of Sam’s CLub Member Access platform, the retail media division of Sam’s Club, a division of Walmart.

Previously, Lex served as the Vice President of Sales & AdTech Partnerships for Walmart Connect. She was responsible for the revenue, multifaceted merchant/supplier/marketer/agency/adtech relationships, operational rigor, financial reporting, and development of the organization’s high-performance consultative ad sales team. 

Prior to Walmart, Lex created new business models and led world-class teams at NBCUniversal, Pinterest, Vevo and Hulu. An entertainment enthusiast, Lex sits on Walmart’s Entertainment Council.  At the NYU Stern School of Business, she held a leadership position on the Stern Women in Business executive committee and was president of her Executive MBA class for both terms. 

As a continuous student in leadership, Lex is part of Walmart’s Ascent Program, which is a leadership program designed to enhance and accelerate the development of Walmart Inc.’s highest-performing senior directors.  Lex holds a degree in English from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship from NYU.       

Lex lives in New Jersey with her husband, Dan; son, Mason; and daughter, Jordan.