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May 26, 2021

Contextual Commerce with Chicory's Yuni Sameshima & Joey Petracca

Contextual Commerce with Chicory's Yuni Sameshima & Joey Petracca

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Yuni Sameshima & Joey Petracca, co-founders of Chicory a NYC-based tech firm and the leading digital shopper marketing platform for CPG and grocery brands. Its signature “Get Ingredients” button can be found on over 1,500 recipe websites, including Taste of Home, Delish, and thousands of influencer food blogs. Leveraging its extensive recipe network, Chicory partners with leading CPG brands like Nestlé and grocery retailers like Wakefern to serve hyper-relevant ads to consumers in the moments when they’re planning their grocery purchases. As the pioneer of shoppable recipes and the expert in contextual commerce, Chicory creates the digital tools to take grocery shoppers from inspiration to checkout in a few clicks.

This is the first in a 3 part series with Chicory.

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Yuni & Joey answer these questions:

  1.  Recipes & brands - while the connection is logical, is it how the industry really drives scale? It has always been about store doors, now click & collect is in the mix. How does shoppable recipes fit in the mix?
  2. Covid has accelerated at-home consumption and recipes are needless to say hot at the moment. What prompted you both to co-found Chicory’s model and how fast has the model grown to date? 
  3. What happens post covid when in-store is back and B2B is more relevant than DTC. Is your model DTC or does it connect back with retailers?
  4. How does chicory provide an experience for brands? Take us through the details of what's offered and what brands can expect in a partnership?
  5. Tell us about the end to end client experience of working with chicory. Once a brand decides to work with Chicory, what happens next? How long does it take to fully implement? What are the major distribution endpoints one should expect to leverage through your platform?
  6. How do you curate content of recipes? Are your partners with blogs and who are your end to end distribution, vendor and blogs/education partners?  
  7. What consumers do you target for recipe shopping? How does a brand know this will result in a well orchestrated ecosystem for eventual scale? 
  8. What other services does Chicory offer clients? 

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