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Aug. 25, 2021

Citadel Dispatch e0.3.6 - privacy focused open source routers with @jamesob and @_k3tan

EPISODE: 0.3.6

BLOCK: 697424

PRICE: 2067 sats per dollar

TOPICS: simple tips for securing your home network, privacy focused open source routers, pfsense, freshtomato, pc engines apu, hosted vs self hosted vpns

@jamesob: https://twitter.com/jamesob

@_k3tan: https://twitter.com/_k3tan

Streamed live every tuesday:  


twitch: https://twitch.tv/citadeldispatch​

bitcointv: https://bitcointv.com/video-channels/citadeldispatch/videos

podcast: https://anchor.fm/citadeldispatch​  

telegram: https://t.me/citadeldispatch​ 

support the show: https://tippin.me/@odell

stream sats to the show: https://podcastindex.org/apps

join our sphinx tribe: https://tribes.sphinx.chat/t/citadeldispatch