Jan. 11, 2024

044 Kelly Ryan Bailey on Skills as Your Currency

Join Kelly Ryan Bailey, CEO and Global Skills Evangelist at Skills Baby, as she explains the dynamic role of an evangelist with host Ethan Beute. The focus is on innovation, transformative work, and storytelling - all fueled by an authentic passion.

Learn why and how Kelly developed an open-source vocabulary around skills in service of all stakeholders in the labor market, why someone referred to her as a “one-woman SWAT team” in an evangelist role, which other names an evangelist might go by, and how she advocates for equality and empowering working women, addressing the significant gaps in the workforce.


  • The most important role of an evangelist is authentic connection through genuine belief. You must believe in what you’re talking about to your core, connect with people immediately, and take people on a journey through storytelling.


  • Embrace the evangelist role: Straddling inside and outside an organization, you work across all departments, providing a unique perspective and essential skills for driving innovation and transformation.


  • Communicate your value effectively as an evangelist: Track and integrate outcomes into your stories, consistently sharing achievements. When discussing your value with employers, highlight tangible, positive changes your work has brought to organizations.


  • Continuous learning is key for evangelists: Adaptability and a broad skill set are crucial. Gain new skills to enhance your value, recognizing that qualities like communication, problem-solving, and adaptability, though not easily quantified, are integral to your narrative of value.


Quote of the Show:

  • “The more we empower others into these leadership roles and unlock those barriers, the world can change into a beautiful place.”


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