Dec. 13, 2023

Unlocking Effortless Mindfulness with Loch Kelly

Explore the transformative power of effortless mindfulness with Loch Kelly in an enlightening conversation that delves into the heart of self-awareness and the journey towards inner peace.

Join us in this enlightening conversation with Loch Kelly, an award-winning author, meditation teacher, psychotherapist, and founder of the non-profit Effortless Mindfulness Institute. His teachings synthesize ancient wisdom practices, neuroscience, and contemporary psychology.

Loch teaches advanced, yet simple, nondual pointers and direct methods of nondual mindfulness, informed by psychology and social justice.

Dive deep into his transformative journey and discover the unique blend of contemporary psychology and mindfulness practices that can revolutionize your understanding of self-awareness.

Key Highlights:

Effortless Mindfulness Explained: Learn about the groundbreaking concept of effortless mindfulness and how it differs from traditional practices.

Integrating Psychology and Effortless Mindfulness: Discover how combining Internal Family Systems (IFS) with mindfulness can lead to a more complete understanding of oneself.

Understanding Various States of Awareness: Delve into the nature of different states like local, spacious, awake, and loving awareness.

Experiential Glimpses into Awareness: Experience a practical glimpse exercise guided by Loch, designed to connect you to a deeper sense of being and consciousness.

Overcoming Doubt and Intellectual Barriers: Unlock the secrets of transcending doubt and the mind’s limitations in recognizing awareness.

Applying Effortless Mindfulness in Daily Life: Find out how to integrate these practices into your daily routine for a more embodied and interconnected existence.

Improving Sleep with Effortless Mindfulness: Get valuable tips from Locke on enhancing sleep quality through mindfulness practices.

Resources and Accessibility: Learn about Loch’s "Mindful Glimpses" app and his website,, offering accessible tools for personal growth.

The Mindful Glimpses meditation app seamlessly weaves together ancient wisdom, cutting-edge psychology, and neuroscience research. Drawing from over 40 years of mindfulness teaching and psychotherapy practice, Loch Kelly has crafted an app that provides simple yet advanced micro-meditations, to return you to home base anytime of the day. Save up to 40% when you join here: 


0:00 - Introduction to Loch Kelly and His Influence on Erik
1:31 - Loch's Journey to Effortless Mindfulness
3:37 - Effortless Mindfulness: Concept and Practices
7:00 - Psychology Meets Mindfulness: A Holistic Approach
11:34 - Exploring States of Awareness
18:44 - Practical Glimpse into Awareness
26:44 - Navigating Doubt and Intellectual Challenges
32:16 - Effortless Mindfulness in Everyday Life
46:05 - Essential Tips for Better Sleep
52:58 - Accessing Resources and Learning More

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