Dec. 20, 2023

Embracing the Present - A Mindful Meditation Journey for Holiday Serenity

In this meditation from a recent live zoom in the Awaken Your Myth community, we gently step into a space of mindfulness, focusing on the simple yet profound act of sensing - hearing, touching, being.

It's not about analyzing or labeling, but rather experiencing the fullness of each moment.

This meditation is our gateway to tranquility, a pause from the incessant narrative of our thoughts, leading us into the richness of now. After the meditation (12:00), we embrace the theme of venturing into the unknown - a core aspect of our hero's journey.

Our typical stories, shaped by past and future, often miss the essence of life's impermanence. This session is an invitation to ground ourselves in the present, to see beyond the stories we tell ourselves, opening to a deeper awareness and self-acceptance.

Confronting the complexities of holiday expectations, we explore how mindfulness can be a transformative force. It's about responding from our true selves, not reacting to the pressures of the season.

This mindful approach isn't just a practice; it's a pathway to more profound connections and deeper understanding, especially during these festive times.

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