Nov. 28, 2023

Beyond the Story - Josh Putnam on Embracing Non-Duality

My special guest, Josh Putnam from brings his unique clarity of vision and deep understanding to the profound realms of non-duality and awakening.

Join us in this enlightening episode where we delve into...

πŸŒ„ Moving Beyond Trauma πŸŒ„ Listen as Josh shares his transformative journey of moving beyond a story of trauma to a place of profound awareness and acceptance. His experiences offer a powerful perspective on navigating life’s challenges, finding peace in the present moment, and the transformative power of embracing one’s true nature.

🌈 Transformation Through Experience 🌈 Listen as Josh recounts his transformative experiences – from his background in acting to a pivotal moment during a meditation retreat. His story is a testament to the power of realizing one’s true nature.

🌟 Join the Conversation 🌟 Dive deep with us into the nuances of personal transformation and the art of living with acceptance. Josh's journey is a compelling example of how embracing our stories and experiences can lead to profound self-awareness and peace.

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