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Great info from a great nonprofit leader!

Patton has created a wonderful resource for continued professional development in the nonprofit field.

Great resource!

What a great resource for our nonprofit community - accessible and quality professional development. Thanks Patton and team!

Best info on nonprofits

Really like the nature of Patton’s interviews - he’s going for the practical topics that I can use as I ponder my next nonprofit job

Great Nonprofit Resource

Really like this podcast’s emphasis on productivity and resources I can use. Highly recommend

Executive Director

Nonprofit organizations are notorious for operating with either very lean or nonexistant professional development budgets. Yet, we must stay abreast of the trends, best practices and leadership lessons that are critical in today's rapidly changing nonprofit sector. Patton McDowell offers inspirational yet pragmatic tools in this weekly podcast series. It's a terrific resource for ideas to share with my team and our board. Patton and his colleagues are truly committed to raising the professionalism and efficacy of nonprofit leaders. I plan on tuning in on a weekly basis and really appreciate the PMA team for making this information so readily available.

A great podcast series for nonprofit leaders

Whether you’re a seasoned nonprofit leader or a new comer to the sector, this podcast series is a great resource for leadership and professional development. And it’s not just for staff of nonprofits. Volunteers will greatly benefit from the insight and ideas shared from the discussion topics.

Awesome non-profit podcast

This is the podcast to listen to if you’re searching for one that specializes in non-profit leadership development!

Worth a listen....

Patton is an accomplished professional and one who values the many facets of what creates and sustains success in non-profit leadership. The information shared, empirical and anecdotal, will leave the listener reflecting on current practices and ideas for future implementation. Even with over 30 years experiince in non-profit leadeship, there were wonderful nuggets and takeaways. Great work Patton and team thanks for sharing! Bravo Zulu!

Worth listening to

This series takes a thoughtful look at how non-profit organizations can be strengthened and maximize their value. Patton is a focused and attentive listener and knows his subject well from the inside out. This produces a podcast series that gives the listener the full benefit of its speakers’ knowledge and experience.

Patton knows nonprofits

I have known Patton for more than thirty years. He is whip-smart and has dedicated his professional life to helping others improve their efforts and results in the nonprofit space. You should definitely check out his podcast. It’s very good. Clay Hodges

Excellent resource!

This is an excellent resource for new or seasoned nonprofit professionals or anyone in between! Thanks PMA for providing nonprofit education in such an engaging and accessible way!

Excellent information

I have been looking for a way to spend my time as I transition out of my current job, and this podcast did an excellent job of informing and preparing me for how to get into a nonprofit and more importantly how to successfully lead one. I am so glad that I found this podcast and recommend it to anyone who wants to get into certain causes or organizations. It is also very helpful for people already involved with non profits who wish to improve their leadership skills.

Great resources for nonprofit career planning

As someone exploring the nonprofit field, this podcast is a treasure trove of resources and ideas to help me consider my career options

Phenomenal perspective from a visionary leader

Patton is an inspiring, visionary leader with a variety of experience in the nonprofit space. His codification of past experiences along with his interviews with peers makes for an incredible repository for anyone looking to get involved in the business of social impact

Great Podcast

Great resource for Nonprofit Leadership! Highly recommend.

Great concept! Very excited!

Working on building a non-profit can be confusing and intimidating. A podcast of people who successfully realized their non-profit goals is inspiring. I’m excited to listen in!


Patton is a thoughtful and dedicated nonprofit leader with a wealth of experience to share, especially when it comes to professional development. I’m excited we can now tap into this expertise virtually, and conveniently fit professional development learning opportunities into our schedules. I look forward to learning more from this series!