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Impactful For Nonprofit Leaders
Dr. Patton McDowell does a wonderful job of bringing exceptional content to assist nonprofit leaders. This podcast is a great resource for nonprofit leaders and their organizations.

Good Conversation for a Good Purpose!
Thank you for having me on your podcast. It was great conversation and I enjoyed being able to share my story and provide value to your audience. Diane Strand – Executive Producer and Nonprofit Founder.

Patton is an expert in nonprofit leadership!
I have the pleasure of attending a board retreat, led by Patton McDowell last month and came away energized and inspired! thrilled to continue the learning experience by listening to Patton’s podcast which is excellent!

I so appreciate all of the different guests on this podcast. Together with Patton, they give a real sense of what it takes to embark on your nonprofit leadership journey.

Wonderful podcast for nonprofit leaders
Patton does an amazing job curating his guests and asking the right questions to help you think bigger. Further, his questions draw out actionable steps leaders can take to thrive in the most challenging of times. Thank you Patton for putting your heart and soul into this important podcast!

Empowering Nonprofit Leaders!
Dr. Patton's podcast delivers invaluable insights and diverse voices that are essential for anyone in the nonprofit leadership space. The teachings and mastermind groups hosted by Dr. Patton and the PMA team provide a rich learning experience, ensuring that listeners thrive in their roles. I highly recommend this podcast to all nonprofit leaders seeking to enhance their skills and make a meaningful impact.

Great podcast for nonprofit professionals!
Patton is an amazing leader and knows how to guide these conversations where listeners will learn actionable takeaways to become a nonprofit leader. I enjoy learning from the diverse perspectives.

Great podcast!
Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership is a great podcast with insightful guests and authentic conversations. Patton is a thought-leader in the nonprofit sector and this podcast is one that should be on everyone’s list.

Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership podcast
I genuinely enjoy listening to this podcast. Patton brings experts from all facets of the nonprofit sector to share their wisdom. For anyone interested interested in getting a broad perspective on how successful nonprofits operate and gain tips on how to personally advance in the nonprofit sector, this podcast is for you!

Excellence in Podcasting
Patton exemplifies an exceptional host for this fantastic podcast. His innate talent in steering conversations with guests not only elicits insightful information but also ensures it's practical and actionable for the audience. The entire podcast production is top-notch, reflecting a high level of professionalism from beginning to end.

A Wealth of Nonprofit Leadership Wisdom
Always well done, Patton’s podcast provides useful information for anyone interested in the nonprofit space. His interview skills bring out the best in his guests and the listeners are the beneficiaries!

Great interview!
Thanks to Patton and his team for conducting a professional interview and helping Pilots To The Rescue get our mission out there!

Getting the Message Out
A very intersting discussion with Patton on Donor Advised Funds. He had great questions that allowed us to explore the topic very conversationally. Awesome experience and hopefully helpful content for Nonprofits.

Inspiring and Thoughtful
Patton understands the challenges of being a nonprofit leader and his interviews are smart, thoughtful, and just what this sector needs more of!

Author & Speaker
Leading a nonprofit organizaation is challenging. Authority to make decisons is shared, the missions address our nation's and the world's most challengin problems and competition for resources is fierce. Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership Podcast contains practical wisdom and information to help nonprofit leaders succeed and produce incredible resultsl.

Practical & Pleasant
Enjoyed the episode profiling the upcoming cancer research fundraising South Pole trek and find Patton’s even-keeled interview style refreshing, especially with breathless and insistent interviewers seeming to be the norm.

Practical without being dumbed down.
I love how this podcast balances practical and simple-to-apply information with fascinating and relevant concepts. That balance is tough to achieve and Patton’s thoughtful conversation with his guests hits the mark!

Practical and actionable advice
Patton’s features some amazing guests on the show and it’s evident he’s very methodical about the questions he asks each of them to get to the root of their expertise. The rich advice shared in this podcast is practical, actionable and tailored to nonprofit leaders. Great podcast!

Great advice and learnings - regardless of nonprofit tenure!
These podcasts are a fantastic (and free!) professional and leadership development resource for those in, or thinking of joining, the nonprofit sector, regardless of where to are on your nonprofit career journey. A diverse array of topics and voices, all curated thoughtfully by Patton. He does a great job of summarizing, highlighting, and connecting the key concepts his guests share. Give them a listen and share with your teams, colleagues and especially anyone you’re mentoring / developing in the NP sector!

Perfect for busy nonprofit managers
Well-curated conversations and guests for the busy nonprofit manager. Practical and interesting.

Great thought leadership
I’ve always appreciated Payton’s perspective. He’s knowledgeable and insightful. Not ego driven (like some in this space can be) The only challenge is we get to interact just a few times a year. His podcast allows me to keep up to date on trends and hear from experts in the field.

Great content
Patton is a great host who regularly provides excellent content for our industry. It was a pleasure to be on as a guest and I can’t wait to check out prior episodes.

Vital content for every emerging to the most senior nonprofit leader
No other podcast offers such focused and vital content for anyone in the philanthropic sector. If you are an emerging leader looking to advance your career or the most seasoned executive eager to hear advice and shared experiences faced every day, this is your “go to” podcast!

Amy Burkett
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast. Patton does an amazing job equipping non profit leaders. It seems every episode is better than his last. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to go to the next level.

Insightful and Inspiring: A Must-Listen for Nonprofit Leaders
"Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership" is a valuable podcast for aspiring and existing nonprofit leaders. The interviews with prominent leaders from diverse sectors offer inspiration, practical guidance, and actionable takeaways. The production quality is excellent, and Patton's engaging style keeps you captivated throughout. Highly recommend for anyone in, or aspiring to be in, the nonprofit sector or a leadership position!

Don’t miss an episode!
Always good flow between Patton McDowell and person(s) he is talking, with plus discussion with very usable information… even step by step points along the way. Non-Profit folks can benefit from every pod-cast.

Nonprofit Nuggets
Patton's podcast has heaps of nonprofit gold for nonprofit leaders! If you are looking to enter into or advance within nonprofit leadership then this is your listening space. :) He also has meaningful questions for his guests and is an excellent podcast host! - Holly Rustick, Grant Writing & Funding

Insightful interviews
I listened to last Thursday’s episode with Manuel Campbell and he had some great insight into nonprofit leadership and what it takes to go from a side passion project to a fully-developed plan that can impact the community at large. Manuel’s childhood, growing up with entrepreneurial-minded mentors, really resonated with me as a small-business owner and grabbed my attention from the first five minutes of the episode. Patton asked thought-provoking questions which allowed Manuel to respond with great detail on his experiences - a true testament to his hosting.

A true expert in the nonprofit sector
Patton is a leader in this space and this podcast showcases his expertise. You can tell that he prepares for each episode and has a wide variety of guests. I look forward to listening to a new episode every week on my walks!

#Nonprofit #leaders: tune into the Path.
What a tremendous resource for nonprofit leaders. Patton McDowell dives deep allowing guests to thoughtfully discuss critical topics for leaders. Thank you!