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July 27, 2023

220: Finding Your Voice as a Nonprofit Leader (Sabrina Gilchrist)

220: Finding Your Voice as a Nonprofit Leader (Sabrina Gilchrist)

220: Finding Your Voice as a Nonprofit Leader (Sabrina Gilchrist)



What does it mean to find your voice as a nonprofit leader? In episode #220 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, Sabrina Gilchrist shares the journey to find her voice as a nonprofit leader and the positive effect it has on furthering the mission of her organization. Are you the kind of leader talented people want to follow to further a mission in which donors have confidence investing? Learn the skills and experiences that helped Sabrina advance into senior leadership that can work for you too. Sabrina shares her approach to strategic planning, fundraising, building a dynamic board of directors and what she looks for when developing a team. 



Sabrina Nichole Gilchrist is an author, public speaker, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, ordained Christian minister, and nonprofit professional. She earned the Bachelor of Arts from Winston-Salem State University and the dual Master of Arts (Counseling) and Master of Divinity from Wake Forest University. Sabrina has served the Charlotte community since 2010 through her work with Right Moves For Youth (RMFY), a school-based youth development and student support organization that leverages group work to help teens in grades 6-12 succeed in school and life. Beginning in direct service as the Program Manager, Sabrina now has the honor of leading RMFY as Executive Director.  She is a lifelong learner committed to professional development efforts that build and refine her nonprofit leadership skills. Since becoming Executive Director, Sabrina has completed the following:  the Allstate Foundation Executive Leadership Program; the Allstate Foundation Leading with Equity Program; and the Patton McDowell & Associates Mastermind Program.  She is also a member of the third cohort of the Black Social Capital Initiative (BSCI), a Charlotte-based organization dedicated to increasing the representation of black leaders in the nonprofit sector at the executive and board levels.

Sabrina works in private counseling practice with Reconciliation Counseling and Consulting, PLLC, and occasionally teaches aspiring helping professionals as an adjunct instructor at Queens University of Charlotte.