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March 24, 2022

150: Developing the Right Mindset to be an Effective Fundraiser (Rhea Wong)

150: Developing the Right Mindset to be an Effective Fundraiser (Rhea Wong)
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150:Developing the Right Mindset to be an Effective Fundraiser (Rhea Wong)


Does you struggle with fundraising? Have you truly reflected on why?  In honor of our 150th episode of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, we discuss what it takes to maximize your fundraising with a leading expert, Rhea Wong.  If your fundraising isn’t a strategy as much as it’s a mix of tactics and tools cobbled together, then listen as Rhea introduces her unique and innovative program called The Fundraising Accelerator. Learn how to motivate your board to engage in fundraising so you never again have to ask, beg or demand their participation.  Before you can execute on even the best strategic plan, nonprofit leaders must first have the right money mindset.  You’ll hear clearly articulated examples of deepening your relationships with donors and beneficial insight into the many variations of the fundraising cycle. As someone who recently released his debut book, Patton enthusiastically explores Rhea’s new book, Get That Money Honey: The No BS Guide to Raising Money for Your Nonprofit.


Rhea helps nonprofits raise more money. Though she has deep experience with institutional, corporate and event fund-raising, she is passionate about major individual donors and helping organizations to establish individual giving programs.  She has raised millions of dollars in private philanthropy and is passionate about building the next generation of fundraising leaders. She has become a leader in the New York nonprofit community and is a frequent educational commentator in the media.  She has been recognized with the SmartCEO Brava Award in 2015 and NY Nonprofit Media’s 40 under 40 in 2017.  For more information about Rhea, please see herLinkedIn Profile here. Rhea lives in Brooklyn with her husband and the World's Most Spoiled Dog Stevie Wonderdog.  When she is not raising money for causes she loves, she can be found hosting her podcast Nonprofit Lowdown, promoting her newest book Get that Money, Honey! or onstage as a newbie stand-up comedian in downtown Brooklyn.  For more information, check out rheawong.com