Sept. 10, 2022

Why you dont need permission with Eric Collins

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Today we have Eric Collins,  the co-founder and CEO of Impact X Capital Partners, a venture capital firm investing in under-represented entrepreneurs in the UK and Europe. 

We talk about why you don't need permission to start a business or do anything great for that matter. He also shares tips for starting and growing a business.

Eric is also a serial entrepreneur and technology executive who has worked with numerous innovative companies and invests in fast-growth businesses helping Black and female entrepreneurs get the jump start they need. 

We talk about the importance of having a positive mindset and why you don’t need permission.

In this episode of You Unleashed podcast:

03:40 – Why challenges are important

05:00 – What drives Eric?

11:35 – The power of economics and the underinvestment in Black businesses

15:30 – When you don’t need to ask for permission

19:00 – Asking for permission vs a need for validation

21:00 – How do we break the paradigm of asking for permission?

25:40 – What’s holding black people back in being the best that they can be?

32:45 – Leverage what you know

39:10 – Let go of small

43:00 – Invest in black women to create an alpha

47:30 – Use data to make an informed choice and bet on black

53:35 – Eric talks about his upcoming activities


Eric’s book:

Use #WeDontNeedPermission