June 28, 2023

Brendon Watt on how to go from rock bottom to empowerment

Brendon Watt on how to go from rock bottom to empowerment

Can you imagine letting go of judgment, embracing the present moment, and truly living your best life? That's precisely the journey my guest, Brendan Watt, an international speaker and best-selling author, has embarked upon, and today, he's here to share his transformative insights with us. As a key part of Access Consciousness, a global empowerment company, Brendan has a wealth of wisdom to share about addiction, conscious choice-making and self-awareness. 

Brendan's journey to sobriety allowed him to see addiction in a different light, reframing it as anything that distracts us from the present moment. In this enlightening conversation, we explore how societal judgment and self-comparison can obstruct us from recognizing our inherent worth and potential. But that’s not all. We also discuss how to reclaim control of our lives through conscious decision-making, moving away from the chains of victimhood towards a path of self-forgiveness and understanding.

In our final segment, Brendan outlines a roadmap to sobriety, emphasizing the importance of honesty, self-awareness, and asking the right questions to truly understand ourselves. He encourages us to not just dream about a better life but to seize it with decisive action. Get ready to challenge your preconceptions and discover practical strategies that can help you achieve your dream life. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered in this thought-provoking episode.

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00:05 - Overcoming Addiction and Embracing Purpose

07:56 - Embracing Change and Overcoming Victimization

16:58 - Taking Others' Points of View

25:15 - Finding Purpose and Overcoming Addiction

36:24 - Unlocking Your Next Level



00:00:05.668 --> 00:00:19.809
Hello everyone, welcome to the Unleashed Podcast with Fermi Akinyemi, the podcast where we consistently look to share ideas, thoughts and concepts around how you can unleash your best self and take yourself to the next level.

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Sometimes it's just me, and sometimes I get some amazing guests who can share their personal experience, life story or just some real coaching techniques.

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they have to come and share these tips with you to make all the difference in the world.

00:00:31.588 --> 00:00:34.386
So what have we got this week?

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This week, i've got a special, special guest.

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I've got Brendan Watt.

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He is a worldwide speaker, best-selling author and access consciousness, a global empowerment company present in 176 countries, and his classes and workshops empower others to know they are not wrong and that anything is possible and that they are just one choice away from change.

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He specializes in helping others to overcome addiction as he, too, walks the path of recovery and sobriety.

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So, brendan, great to have you.

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Welcome to the Unleashed Podcast and thank you.

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Thank you so much for joining us on this podcast.

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How are you, my friend?

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Hello, my friend, i'm great.

00:01:21.153 --> 00:01:29.052
Thank you for having me here, you know, and it's interesting actually just hearing you read the name of this podcast.

00:01:29.052 --> 00:01:35.965
Actually just recalled I did this call a while back that was called Unleashing You, so hopefully, you remember us even more.

00:01:36.004 --> 00:01:36.846
But thanks for coming.

00:01:36.846 --> 00:01:42.641
You know what?

00:01:42.641 --> 00:01:49.039
Normally I try to go into these things quite organically and kind of go nice.

00:01:49.039 --> 00:01:50.623
But I'm going to go straight in.

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As I was reading your profile, one of the things that came to me was you said you help others overcome addiction, and the obvious addictions, when we all think of addictions, are some of the more sort of vices that the world thinks of a lot, some of the more sort of vices that have real negative connotations around them addiction to drugs, addiction to porn, addiction to stealing, all those things.

00:02:16.670 --> 00:02:21.514
But with the way the world is going, there's addiction is a much more broader term, isn't it?

00:02:21.514 --> 00:02:23.260
addiction is could be anything.

00:02:23.260 --> 00:02:24.664
You could be addicted to anything, can't you?

00:02:27.180 --> 00:02:43.734
Yeah, well, yeah, and the way I look at it is, yeah, you do have your bigger ones, you know, like for me it was alcohol, but also thousands of other things, which was basically anything that I use to take me out of being present in any moment, you know.

00:02:43.734 --> 00:02:45.901
So we've got like social media.

00:02:45.901 --> 00:02:46.663
You look at that.

00:02:46.663 --> 00:02:47.786
I realize how much.

00:02:47.786 --> 00:02:50.162
I even grabbed my phone and I'm like what am I doing?

00:02:50.162 --> 00:02:56.024
I don't require my phone right now, you know, but it's also to take me away from being present in the moment.

00:02:56.024 --> 00:03:03.486
So, yeah, it is a huge topic and I think it really became bigger with the whole COVID thing.

00:03:03.507 --> 00:03:17.443
I think people started to realize yeah, that's true, that's true because then, all of a sudden, we've got this free time on our hands and you haven't got to go into the office to commute to time, which, if you commute, it, takes you away from some of these vices.

00:03:17.443 --> 00:03:29.004
But now that that's not there anymore and you're just at home, people started to find out that there were a lot of things that we do to take ourselves from having to deal with the reality of life.

00:03:31.209 --> 00:03:34.955
Yeah, yeah, and that's it.

00:03:34.955 --> 00:04:00.960
and also the thing that I found, also with people and also looking at it myself, was taking me away from really getting to know me and I think that's been a big part of my journey is getting down to getting even in the dirty piles that you don't want to get in, you know, and really looking at who am I like, who do I truly desire to be in this world, and then where am I not being there?

00:04:00.960 --> 00:04:03.407
you know, what am I using to not be that?

00:04:03.407 --> 00:04:17.411
and I think for a lot of us that's we've used a lot of distraction to take us away from that, you know, to create ourselves as something that we think we should be, not something that we actually do.

00:04:17.451 --> 00:04:28.016
You think a lot of us are scared of getting down dirty, looking at who we should be, what we should be.

00:04:28.016 --> 00:04:30.285
Why are we afraid to confront that?

00:04:30.285 --> 00:04:46.725
because I suspect a bit of it has to do with we know we're falling short of the mark of who we should truly be and there's a bit of shame or a bit of regret or there's a whole bunch of feelings that's stopping us from looking at and going I'm not, i'm not, i'm not, i'm not, i'm not hitting the mark.

00:04:51.079 --> 00:04:52.824
Yeah, well, and you never can.

00:04:52.824 --> 00:04:59.245
It's as long as you're using judgment as the the source for comparison to others.

00:04:59.245 --> 00:05:11.007
For example, like if you look, if you look around you and go, well, i'm not as good at this person as this person at this, i'm not as good as this person at this, and you're always in comparison, then you're always in judgment.

00:05:11.007 --> 00:05:17.833
So we really eliminate the choice out of our world with that to look at what gift we actually are.

00:05:18.495 --> 00:05:28.122
But also, for me, one of the things that helps me a lot is I grew up extremely sensitive to the world around me.

00:05:28.122 --> 00:05:34.863
You know so much awareness of everything going on around me that I was like well, how do I, how do I deal with all of that?

00:05:34.863 --> 00:05:43.680
so I think for a lot of us who are kind of different or kind of know this, you like, well, i think there's something really different about me.

00:05:43.680 --> 00:05:44.463
You know that thing.

00:05:44.463 --> 00:05:45.848
You want to kind of hide from the world.

00:05:45.848 --> 00:05:48.137
Well, it's we.

00:05:48.137 --> 00:05:54.911
We tend to try and get away from that rather than seek that out and actually recognize that's the gift.

00:05:54.911 --> 00:06:07.297
And in that it may be uncomfortable to look at, but also it's only uncomfortable to look at because you can't define it the way that you've been taught to define things.

00:06:07.778 --> 00:06:25.505
So I'd say, coming out of that is you know that's what led you to your own addiction, which is, rather than confront this reality of yourself, you started to escape into alcohol, and for some others, it's other stuff, right.

00:06:29.504 --> 00:06:30.045

00:06:30.045 --> 00:06:38.644
Well, alcohol was my achilles, you know, but I knew I always had a problem with it from the first drink I had.

00:06:38.764 --> 00:06:42.536
I think I was 14 at the time and you know I was.

00:06:42.536 --> 00:06:47.642
I was with friends and they were like you know, we had one beer and they were like, okay, let's go and do something.

00:06:47.642 --> 00:06:53.064
And I'd be like I want another one, you know, and there was always a need in my world for more.

00:06:53.064 --> 00:06:59.362
But so I actually had a good friend of mine a while back when I was beginning my sobriety journey.

00:06:59.362 --> 00:07:02.990
He asked me what did it feel like when you took that first drink?

00:07:02.990 --> 00:07:22.988
and I went, wow, and I actually looked at that and kind of tapped into that energy of what it was like as that 14 year old kid and I was like you know, i finally felt like I belonged And I think I see that with a lot of us too, who take up addiction and different things, this is like wow, it gives me this sense that I actually fit in.

00:07:23.259 --> 00:07:24.141
Oh, interesting.

00:07:24.141 --> 00:07:29.432
So being part of a crowd and not having to stand alone by yourself.

00:07:33.600 --> 00:07:34.642
Yeah, And that's.

00:07:34.642 --> 00:07:40.653
I see that as one of the things that tends to be people's greatest fear is.

00:07:41.843 --> 00:07:43.411
And this alone can go into anything.

00:07:43.411 --> 00:07:47.446
right, if it's being an entrepreneur, it's following your dreams, following your goals, your purpose.

00:07:47.446 --> 00:07:48.829
At some point.

00:07:48.829 --> 00:07:52.160
if you want to do that, you can't look for approval from others.

00:07:52.160 --> 00:07:55.547
You've just got to embrace this purpose.

00:07:55.547 --> 00:08:02.199
And for a lot of us, when you get to a certain age in life, you don't want to do that.

00:08:02.199 --> 00:08:14.180
If anything, you want to more than ever When you're young, you're a teenager, you want to be in a pair group, but then there's always a need as a human beings to be part of a social group, right.

00:08:14.180 --> 00:08:25.788
But when you get to a certain age, being different is the last thing you want to do, Because then people think you're foolish, you're reckless, you're not wise, you're irresponsible and stuff like that.

00:08:25.788 --> 00:08:30.096

00:08:30.096 --> 00:08:34.200
So how do you advise people to embrace that?

00:08:39.667 --> 00:08:53.510
Well, i would say, first of all, start tapping into what you'd actually like your life to be like in five years, in 10 years, and start getting a sense of that.

00:08:53.510 --> 00:09:11.312
Because, see, for me, one of the things, was I That unwillingness to be as different as I am, or the unwillingness to stand alone, the unwillingness to really be unleashed and set myself free and actually have all of that creativity that I know I have available?

00:09:11.312 --> 00:09:25.673
was that, in order to do that, without doing that, like with holding myself back, i knew it was killing me, which was another thing with the alcohol.

00:09:25.673 --> 00:09:31.120
So we tend to it's like yeah, but that next step it seems so big or something like that.

00:09:31.120 --> 00:09:39.975
I would say, for people looking at that is like take a step and ask, okay, what could I be or do different today?

00:09:39.975 --> 00:09:44.099
That would create my life as something that would be.

00:09:45.226 --> 00:09:47.200
So it's almost like you take it one step at a time right.

00:09:51.591 --> 00:09:55.200
Well, once, yeah, definitely one step at a time, but also learn from that step.

00:09:55.200 --> 00:10:04.200
You know, one of the things we talk about in the work that I do is every choice you make creates awareness, each and every choice.

00:10:04.200 --> 00:10:14.648
So if you're willing to make the choice and go okay, rather than look for okay, what's the right choice that I can make here, how am I going to be a success based on the way everybody else chooses?

00:10:14.648 --> 00:10:17.653
it is choosing something and then going okay, so what?

00:10:17.673 --> 00:10:17.994

00:10:17.994 --> 00:10:20.206
You mean I take a step.

00:10:20.206 --> 00:10:21.149
How did that feel?

00:10:21.149 --> 00:10:22.634
How did that make me feel?

00:10:22.634 --> 00:10:23.938
How did that set me free?

00:10:23.938 --> 00:10:27.486
Did that make me feel close to the person I was created to be?

00:10:31.500 --> 00:10:33.543
Well, yeah, and also, what did it create?

00:10:33.543 --> 00:10:42.916
You know, because we've all made choices like I've made, way too many where I knew it wasn't going to turn out great.

00:10:42.916 --> 00:10:46.590
I knew it wasn't going to create more for my life, but I made it anyway.

00:10:46.590 --> 00:10:56.653
And then see, because here's the next step, if you're willing to have on this journey of yours, have one of the big demands be a lot of kindness for yourself.

00:10:57.200 --> 00:11:01.346
I thought I could read you my notes, but I was going to ask how does this tie to kindness to self?

00:11:01.346 --> 00:11:04.070
So, since you're ready to carry on kindness to self?

00:11:08.220 --> 00:11:40.652
Man, i would say kindness to self is getting out of judgment, you know, really looking at that difference of what truly would I like to have as my life and living, and following your dreams, and if one of the things I like to do which is kind of sounds weird but whatever, but it's like but I like to kind of tap into the energy that I had when I was a kid, you know, when everything was about the miracles of life, when it was about what's out there, like in that total wonder of the universe is.

00:11:40.652 --> 00:11:42.995
You know, that kind of thing.

00:11:42.995 --> 00:11:51.553
And so kindness is a huge element with this, because if you can have that with choice, then you can look at your choice and go OK, that didn't turn out.

00:11:51.553 --> 00:11:53.202
I knew it wasn't going to turn out.

00:11:53.222 --> 00:11:53.423
I chose it.

00:11:53.423 --> 00:11:54.407
I mean, it's almost like, what am I?

00:11:54.407 --> 00:11:57.466
I'm going to forgive yourself, being grace, grace towards yourself.

00:11:57.466 --> 00:12:00.264
You know you try something, it doesn't work, and go.

00:12:00.264 --> 00:12:01.227
you know what?

00:12:01.227 --> 00:12:08.067
Femi, brandon, it's OK, i've tried, it didn't work, or it tried, it worked, and you move on and not holding onto stuff.

00:12:12.220 --> 00:12:14.047
Yeah, that's a huge gift.

00:12:14.047 --> 00:12:23.200
I mean, the more you're willing to let go of the past and not have it define you, the more you're actually able to step into something different.

00:12:23.340 --> 00:12:27.626
It's true, but I also kind of if I'm some, if I'm one of the listeners, they're thinking as well.

00:12:27.626 --> 00:12:32.794
those past, they were traumatic and that's why they're not easy to let go of.

00:12:32.794 --> 00:12:38.972
You're fired from a job or you a bad breakup, divorce or something.

00:12:38.972 --> 00:12:44.648
These things really really leave a scar on you, so it's not easy to let go.

00:12:44.648 --> 00:12:46.224
So how do you let go?

00:12:50.857 --> 00:12:52.365
Right, well, good question.

00:12:52.365 --> 00:12:58.808
And that thing of forgiving yourself and actually getting to allowance of yourself where it's recognizing.

00:12:58.808 --> 00:13:10.152
Ok, see, let me say this The big gifts that I got many years ago was the recognition that my life was a sum total of the choices that I'd made.

00:13:10.152 --> 00:13:17.504
And I was like because, see, i grew up with, i had a lot of abuse, i grew up really poor.

00:13:17.504 --> 00:13:21.428
I grew up in around things that kids shouldn't have to go through.

00:13:21.428 --> 00:13:25.888
So I do get that, you know, i do get that part of it.

00:13:25.888 --> 00:13:40.831
But when I realized that I had choices with the way that I was handling it, i had choices with what it was, what it was, what I was using it to create as my life, then I went, oh, ok, i'm actually choosing to be a victim with all of this.

00:13:40.831 --> 00:13:45.730
That acknowledgement alone was a gift, because then I started getting out of it.

00:13:45.730 --> 00:13:46.370
I used to be a victim.

00:13:47.200 --> 00:13:50.828
The world today, everybody, look victims, let's not.

00:13:50.828 --> 00:14:00.283
there are victims, But I don't want to in any way say diminish their hurt or their pain, But people, a lot of.

00:14:00.283 --> 00:14:07.634
there's a lot of people as well who very quickly want to define themselves as victims for whatever reason.

00:14:07.634 --> 00:14:18.171
And it's a big problem in the world today, right, Which is, instead of sort of looking in words and kind of choosing to press on, they just go I'm a victim and they get stuck.

00:14:22.902 --> 00:14:37.258
Yeah, and the thing that gets them stuck is the lie that they're a victim, and that's what this is a great tool, because this has helped me a lot throughout my life is and I apologize if I speak of you I'm losing sound.

00:14:37.278 --> 00:14:38.080
Can you hear me quite well?

00:14:38.825 --> 00:14:44.687
A little bit Okay, cool, i can, and then it kind of chops out.

00:14:44.687 --> 00:14:54.376
But so the thing I was saying, though a great tool with this is recognize that anything that sticks you, there's some lie there that you're not acknowledging.

00:14:54.376 --> 00:14:58.956
So for me, the thing being stuck in victim was the lie was that I was a victim.

00:14:58.956 --> 00:15:02.587
The lie was that I didn't have a different choice.

00:15:02.587 --> 00:15:05.716
The lie was that I was powerless because of it.

00:15:05.716 --> 00:15:14.860
So when you're willing to recognize the lie and go, oh okay, that's a lie, then you can actually get yourself out of it.

00:15:15.022 --> 00:15:19.158
The truth will always set you free And you've got to confront that truth.

00:15:19.158 --> 00:15:27.178
And, yes, you are in pain, Yes, you've been through stuff, but also nobody can get you out of it.

00:15:27.178 --> 00:15:30.731
But you, only you, can stand up and say I've had enough.

00:15:30.731 --> 00:15:37.254
I make a choice I choose to be free, I choose to start afresh, I choose to forgive myself, right.

00:15:41.480 --> 00:15:58.414
Yeah, and also there's a thing that we do with that as well, where it's like well, I have to do this on my own, which is true to to a degree, because you're the only one that can actually choose something different, But also we have a whole universe that's willing to contribute to us.

00:15:58.414 --> 00:16:09.648
So for me, what I do is it's like recognize, yeah, I'm the only one that can make the choice, But, hey, universe, will you please assist me with this?

00:16:09.648 --> 00:16:14.240
Can I please get clarity with this, some ease with this, give me some direction?

00:16:14.240 --> 00:16:21.081
And you begin to to ask a question rather than come to a conclusion of what can't change.

00:16:21.081 --> 00:16:24.369
And that's the thing that is.

00:16:24.369 --> 00:16:32.392
So it opens you up, You just become blows me away every time you become open to, to.

00:16:32.432 --> 00:16:48.644
if you're a person of faith, you become open to the, to the Spirit leading you, and if you're if you're not, you become open to the universe, kind of directing you and what's coming right Well the more you're willing to be in question, the more you can actually receive.

00:16:48.745 --> 00:16:53.501
So yeah, that openness is the willingness to receive something different.

00:16:54.203 --> 00:16:58.235
So, which brings me to the other question, which is a good one of.

00:16:58.235 --> 00:17:00.022
One of your things you're quite key.

00:17:00.022 --> 00:17:04.037
You talk a lot about is how to take others points of view, not personally.

00:17:04.037 --> 00:17:13.807
Now, this is a hard one, because all of us know secretly people's point of personal people's point of view or feedback hurts us.

00:17:13.807 --> 00:17:16.356
So how do you not think people's point of view personally?

00:17:16.356 --> 00:17:20.896
How can you not when someone gives you direct feedback or says something directly about you?

00:17:25.026 --> 00:17:26.769
Well, that you can recognize.

00:17:26.769 --> 00:17:32.462
okay, what are they actually saying this for, you know, and ask that question Are they actually judging me?

00:17:32.462 --> 00:17:34.528
to create some control over me?

00:17:34.528 --> 00:17:47.915
And see, the only the only thing that can allow you to be controlled by other people's points of view, for example, is if you've aligned and agreed with it, or if you're in resistance and reaction to it.

00:17:47.915 --> 00:18:01.943
So somebody you know says to me Oh my God, you're a total asshole or you're an alcoholic, you know whatever, and has the judgment of that, which is one of the things I've had to be present with as well I can.

00:18:02.045 --> 00:18:07.744
if I have that point of view about myself already, then I can align and agree with it, which means I'm stuck.

00:18:07.744 --> 00:18:16.057
If I have that point of view about me already, but I don't want to see it, then I can resist and react to it and put myself into fight, which means I'm stuck.

00:18:16.057 --> 00:18:23.201
If I don't have a point of view about it and just go Oh, okay, cool, that's your point of view, what's my point of view about myself?

00:18:23.201 --> 00:18:32.997
Then I don't have to be the effect of it, and a great way to get there is all those points of view that come up every time they come up.

00:18:32.997 --> 00:18:34.240
Interesting point of view.

00:18:34.240 --> 00:18:35.384
I have that point of view.

00:18:35.384 --> 00:18:46.082
You know, and say that, say that out, say that in your head if it's with yourself, or I mean out loud if it's with yourself, but in your head if it's around other people.

00:18:46.624 --> 00:19:00.383
you know, because the more you're willing to be an interesting point of view the less and is when someone gives you feedback about yourself, you go, okay, interesting points of view, and that that puts it in neutral because it doesn't make it negative and doesn't make it positive.

00:19:01.288 --> 00:19:10.786
Yeah, Good way of putting it exactly right Doesn't make a negative, doesn't make it positive, which means you don't have to be in judgment of it.

00:19:11.375 --> 00:19:14.402
And mentally it means it's interesting.

00:19:14.402 --> 00:19:19.038
But you now give yourself the time to process and decide what you do with that information.

00:19:23.894 --> 00:19:26.523
Well, yeah, and you don't have to go into fight either.

00:19:26.523 --> 00:19:40.228
You actually have choice, because for a lot of us, we see our choices are to fight or to not fight, to resist or to react or to align and to agree, and it's good or it's bad.

00:19:40.228 --> 00:19:46.686
It's like we've got these two choice universe rather than the question of what can I actually do?

00:19:48.134 --> 00:19:48.640
And that's super powerful.

00:19:48.640 --> 00:20:04.604
And that's one of the big things I've learned from this session already, which is very quickly it allows you, because feedback has constantly been thrown at us, people are constantly saying things about us and if we just go interesting, interesting point of view, very quickly it just parks it.

00:20:04.604 --> 00:20:16.059
It's almost like it just parks it to one side and then that's a very good way for you to just go yeah, i'm not doing anything with that or and it doesn't penetrate into your subconscious, which is where all the damage takes place, right.

00:20:20.615 --> 00:20:31.223
Well, yeah, it's all the stuff that we hold on to, you know, like you said, all the stuff that we take so personally, because somewhere in your world you've already aligned and agreed with that point of view.

00:20:31.223 --> 00:20:40.903
So this is again that inward journey of looking at wow, you know, one of the things I had to look at with myself was, yeah, what is my point of view about myself?

00:20:40.903 --> 00:20:44.381
You know, what do I actually think about me?

00:20:44.381 --> 00:20:50.040
in for basically my whole life, it had always been that I'm less than that.

00:20:50.040 --> 00:20:51.183
I'm never going to be enough.

00:20:51.183 --> 00:20:59.779
You know, all of these different things that I'd adopted as points of view that were basically running my life, that's true, that's true?

00:21:01.538 --> 00:21:02.923
No, that's a powerful one.

00:21:02.923 --> 00:21:07.385
I thank you for that, because that's something that even I can use in my day to day.

00:21:07.385 --> 00:21:14.724
Imagine I was having a session where I was working with a client and she's just been through in all sorts of negative.

00:21:14.724 --> 00:21:16.185
I've been going through a period.

00:21:16.185 --> 00:21:22.059
I've been really busy, so I've not been able to give this client as much attention and they've just been showing negative feedback on me.

00:21:22.059 --> 00:21:28.342
And you know how when you get that feedback on a Friday and it plagiarized you throughout the weekend, so it's kind of been messing with me.

00:21:28.442 --> 00:21:36.907
And if I'd had that tool to just go, okay, interesting feedback, it would have meant that I would have not had to do the fight or flight.

00:21:36.907 --> 00:21:43.843
So I spent the whole weekend going one minute I'm fighting, the next I'm flying, it's a flight to fight, flight, fight, flight, fight, flight.

00:21:43.843 --> 00:21:47.545
And in the end it just made the weekend a mess.

00:21:47.545 --> 00:21:50.701
So that's, if I just gone, interesting feedback.

00:21:50.701 --> 00:21:52.105
I'll take that on board, thank you.

00:21:52.105 --> 00:21:55.121
It just allows me to just neutralize it.

00:21:55.121 --> 00:21:56.443
Just neutralize it.

00:21:56.443 --> 00:21:58.417
Yeah, it doesn't put me in that.

00:21:58.417 --> 00:22:03.680
It puts me in that third place, which is is feedback Some of it's useful, some of it's not so useful.

00:22:03.680 --> 00:22:06.902
And the last thing, to put it in context and decide what I do with that feedback.

00:22:11.079 --> 00:22:15.087
Well, and that's the that's the other thing too is it allows you to be in question.

00:22:15.087 --> 00:22:30.983
So if, for anyone listening, i would say, like, even with what you're talking about, with having a situation with a person in your life, say, for example, even you know we've all had relationships, you know, and you might have fight and stuff going on, is that tool?

00:22:30.983 --> 00:22:32.067
Interesting point of view.

00:22:32.067 --> 00:22:33.118
I have this point of view.

00:22:33.118 --> 00:22:37.585
But then also interesting point of view they have this point of view.

00:22:37.585 --> 00:22:51.611
And then interesting point of view I have the point of view they have this point of view because a lot of us go into this thing also of going well, they're saying this because, or they're doing this because you know we've got this whole universe created.

00:22:51.611 --> 00:22:54.654
Yeah, it's not necessarily what you're going to want either.

00:22:54.694 --> 00:23:02.307
It allows you to not take it personal, which is what triggered this conversation, but also for the other person when you say interesting point of view for them as well, all of a sudden.

00:23:02.307 --> 00:23:06.827
It doesn't it, because you're not fight or flight either.

00:23:06.827 --> 00:23:11.721
It doesn't escalate into a conflict between you and the other person as well, right?

00:23:15.961 --> 00:23:28.038
Yeah, exactly, and it's like and you and you can actually create the freedom for you with it, but then with that, with your willingness to not go into fight with it, they have nothing to fight against.

00:23:28.038 --> 00:23:36.634
When something, when someone doesn't have something to fight against, the fight eventually dies And also fight with, or they find somebody else to fight.

00:23:36.694 --> 00:23:39.084
So that's really useful.

00:23:39.084 --> 00:23:43.404
Which begins my next question, which is acting over hoping.

00:23:43.404 --> 00:23:47.175
I mean, on the face of it, that seems obvious.

00:23:47.175 --> 00:23:59.226
But when you say acting over hoping is one of the topics you're quite interested in, am I right to say it just means just do it, or is there more to it than that?

00:24:03.519 --> 00:24:05.584
No, i think you're pretty pretty much onto it.

00:24:05.584 --> 00:24:14.626
There is well, most of us look for, most of us use wishing and hoping as a way to replace choosing and taking action.

00:24:14.626 --> 00:24:21.435
You know, so it's like, if you look at one of the big topics in the world at the moment is money.

00:24:21.435 --> 00:24:23.763
You know a lot of people who got financial struggle.

00:24:23.763 --> 00:24:27.025
So it's like, and you know, i wish this would change.

00:24:27.025 --> 00:24:28.882
I hope this eventually changes.

00:24:29.355 --> 00:24:32.785
Other than, what action could I take today that would change this?

00:24:32.785 --> 00:24:36.304
What could I be or do different today that would change this?

00:24:36.304 --> 00:24:40.625
What choices do I have that I could make that would change this?

00:24:40.625 --> 00:24:45.405
You know, because I think we can all relate to it.

00:24:45.405 --> 00:24:57.336
We're going the thing of I hope this turns out just fine, which is you've already decided the way you think you want it to turn out and the way that you know it can't necessarily, but it's like.

00:24:57.336 --> 00:25:02.165
But action is the only thing that's actually going to hope is not a strategy, it's a future.

00:25:02.165 --> 00:25:14.008
Yeah, no, it's not a very good one, not a very good one at all from from many years of trying it.

00:25:14.008 --> 00:25:15.674
No, i would say it's not very good.

00:25:15.795 --> 00:25:20.967
So your life journey would be in alcoholic sobriety for you.

00:25:20.967 --> 00:25:23.737
What's, what was the turning moment for you then?

00:25:26.598 --> 00:25:28.942
Yeah, oh.

00:25:28.942 --> 00:25:37.565
The turning moment for me was I started getting a sense that the alcohol had gotten basically out of control.

00:25:37.565 --> 00:25:40.446
I couldn't really stop.

00:25:40.446 --> 00:25:45.931
So a few years ago I started trying to stop, in vain.

00:25:45.931 --> 00:25:54.285
I'd go a few weeks without it and started getting a little bit of help, but still didn't really want to change it.

00:25:54.720 --> 00:26:07.980
I remember the first time that I I think I read it in a book that it was basically the only way that you're going to change this is total abstinence from alcohol, and I was like no alcohol ever.

00:26:07.980 --> 00:26:10.628
You know, that was horrifying to me.

00:26:10.628 --> 00:26:47.289
So, but but as I kept moving with that, you know, and I tried doing it all on my own, i thought no, i can handle this, i can handle this, but I didn't really want to look at the roots of it, i didn't really want to look at the source of it And eventually it, just last year, beginning of last year, it kind of bubbled over And you know, i drank to a point where I was kind of gone and I realized in that moment, if I don't get some help, if I don't actually get honest with myself with this, it's not, i'm not going to have a future.

00:26:47.309 --> 00:26:58.156
Yeah, and that was a thing to look at Like a bottom that a lot of people refer to it as Yeah.

00:26:58.397 --> 00:27:04.832
Yeah, and each and each and every one of us have our own when it comes to something like that.

00:27:04.832 --> 00:27:20.981
You know, i was actually talking with the girl yesterday because, you know, now people reach out to me and be like, hey, i'm struggling with alcohol, and you know so I'll give them some tools and kind of be there to support in the way that I can.

00:27:20.981 --> 00:27:26.820
But this girl that I was talking to, she keeps doing basically what I was doing, you know.

00:27:26.820 --> 00:27:31.009
So my question to her was so you haven't found your bottom yet?

00:27:31.009 --> 00:27:34.266
And she was like no, apparently not.

00:27:34.266 --> 00:27:44.669
But it's like for her, she's seeking out that bottom as her, knowing that she needs to hit it in the way that she needs to in order to make a different choice.

00:27:45.180 --> 00:28:03.430
And so for a lot of us who have money addiction, procrastination addiction, device addiction, many addictions that stop us from chasing our purpose on our goal Rather than digging till we get to rock bottom, is there anything we can do?

00:28:03.430 --> 00:28:05.526
Is there any advice, tips you have for us?

00:28:07.981 --> 00:28:11.951
Oh yeah, i would say definitely don't go for rock bottom.

00:28:11.951 --> 00:28:15.646
You know, that seems to be some ideal that I know.

00:28:15.646 --> 00:28:27.932
for me, it created a lot of awareness, but it's also something you have to get to as as if it's the motivation that you need to to create the, the strength in your world to move forward.

00:28:27.932 --> 00:28:35.701
I would say begin going to question with everything You know.

00:28:35.701 --> 00:28:40.060
so if you're looking at, let's say, money, for example, is what am I actually choosing this for?

00:28:40.060 --> 00:28:48.134
you know, and start with, start with questions and and just notice the things.

00:28:48.134 --> 00:29:00.169
And this is the thing with for me, with unleashing you and and getting really looking inward with yourself is getting brutally honest with you.

00:29:00.169 --> 00:29:12.381
So it's not about because you could have told me two years ago, hey, you have a problem with alcohol, and I would have said, femi, i don't want to hear it Because I don't want to look at it.

00:29:12.381 --> 00:29:17.959
So it's like so, this is, you're the only one to have that moment of reflex.

00:29:17.979 --> 00:29:21.556
You have to reflect, question everything and reflect and be honest with yourself.

00:29:25.162 --> 00:29:26.423
It's not easy, and that's it.

00:29:26.423 --> 00:29:29.209
It's not that that is not easy.

00:29:29.209 --> 00:29:30.497
It usually doesn't mean.

00:29:30.698 --> 00:29:31.803
I mean, i found out.

00:29:31.803 --> 00:29:38.323
Sometimes you have that feeling and then sometimes it disappears And you've got to find a way.

00:29:38.323 --> 00:29:54.980
When you're going through a moment of that, that feeling, you've got to find a way to stay in that place where you challenge yourself because you can, you can some, you could have a day or two and after that you're back to who you were and carry on with your life.

00:29:54.980 --> 00:29:57.547
And that feeling when it comes, how do you sort of hold on to it?

00:30:01.622 --> 00:30:06.791
Well, i would say, one of the things we talk about too is we.

00:30:06.791 --> 00:30:18.688
we tend to use our feelings a lot against ourselves, so we'll be like, rather than you know, once we've decided we're feeling a certain way, then basically we're stuck with feeling that way.

00:30:18.688 --> 00:30:24.483
I would say, with that, ask a question like what am I actually perceiving here?

00:30:24.483 --> 00:30:41.266
I've decided I'm feeling because, see, one of the things, one of the first tools I got actually when I found access consciousness 13 years ago now, was 98% of your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions don't actually belong to you.

00:30:41.266 --> 00:30:43.316
You pick them up from the world around you.

00:30:44.318 --> 00:30:52.741
And when I heard that, i went Oh, my God, that explains my life, because I wondered why I could be happy one moment and then depress the next.

00:30:52.741 --> 00:31:03.180
Or I could be happy and feel like I get that sense of me one moment and then the next moment I'd be angry or I'd be upset or you know whatever else was going on.

00:31:03.180 --> 00:31:07.718
And so with that I recognize, wow, i've just been extremely aware.

00:31:07.718 --> 00:31:15.395
So great tool is for every thought, feeling and emotion that comes up.

00:31:15.395 --> 00:31:17.180
you want to ask who does this belong to?

00:31:17.180 --> 00:31:21.376
And if it lightens up at all, then that's your order things.

00:31:21.698 --> 00:31:36.501
A lot of people say you don't trust your feelings Because your feelings you don't know where they've come from, their misconceptions, judgments, biases they could have come from anywhere, so don't trust them Yeah.

00:31:37.103 --> 00:31:41.750
Yeah, yeah, and that's a good point.

00:31:41.750 --> 00:31:46.750
It's don't trust them, but also don't let them dictate your choices.

00:31:46.750 --> 00:31:55.521
You know, because for a lot of us, a lot of us will use well, i don't want to do this because I don't feel like it, or I don't feel good today.

00:31:55.521 --> 00:32:04.154
If you don't let your feelings determine what you will and will not choose, your life will take off because now it's well, i'm choosing it anyway.

00:32:04.154 --> 00:32:20.367
You know, i don't feel comfortable doing this interview, or I don't feel comfortable exposing this part of myself, or I don't feel, feel, feel It's like if you were willing to go, okay, if it wasn't about the feelings, what do I actually know?

00:32:20.367 --> 00:32:27.346
Then you're going to have a more of a sense of what you can actually generate and create with your life.

00:32:28.775 --> 00:32:29.936
I've enjoyed this so much.

00:32:29.936 --> 00:32:41.701
So what is the last question I have really, which I think is quite useful, is so for people who kind of want to sense what their purpose is, what their direction, where they should be headed.

00:32:41.701 --> 00:32:55.240
So you know you're not quite who you want to be, what you should be doing, but you don't know who it should be or what you should be doing, how do you advise people to dig into themselves to find out where, where or who or what they should be doing or who they are?

00:32:59.318 --> 00:33:03.596
You know it's such a great question because that was one of the things I struggled with too.

00:33:03.596 --> 00:33:06.250
I was like I have no idea what I want my life to be like.

00:33:06.250 --> 00:33:07.756
I have no idea what to create.

00:33:07.756 --> 00:33:24.326
But basically a couple of things is look around and see, see what other people choose, and rather than try and compare yourself to that, you could ask, okay, would that be fun to have in my life, would that be fun to live like?

00:33:24.326 --> 00:33:33.585
that, you know, and start getting a sense energetically what you would like in your life, because it's all we've got to recognize, it's all about the energetics of it.

00:33:34.327 --> 00:33:42.601
Getting a sense of what you'd like your life to be like energetically is a big key, because we've all done the thing of going well, if I, if I, had the money, i'd be happy.

00:33:42.601 --> 00:33:49.536
And then you get the money and you're like I'm miserable, nothing changed, or I've had the relationship, the perfect relationship, i'll be happy.

00:33:49.536 --> 00:33:52.565
You get the relationship and all you do is argue and you're miserable.

00:33:52.565 --> 00:33:58.707
It's not about the, it's not trying to find something outside of you to fulfill you.

00:33:58.707 --> 00:34:00.038
It's about recognizing it's.

00:34:00.038 --> 00:34:02.846
It's you being you that's going to fulfill you.

00:34:04.351 --> 00:34:08.619
So the other thing with this too is start.

00:34:08.619 --> 00:34:20.436
Start kind of just getting a bit still with yourself and and ask okay, if I had a magical wand and could create my life as anything, what would that be?

00:34:20.436 --> 00:34:25.005
Start getting a sense of what you would like that to be.

00:34:25.005 --> 00:34:34.380
So at least now you begin to have something to ask for And then you can start asking okay, what can I be or do today?

00:34:34.380 --> 00:34:40.789
that would actually give me more awareness of what would be true for me, what I'd actually like to say it's almost like step one.

00:34:41.615 --> 00:34:54.583
Look around, you try and visualize what that light their lives are like and then close your eyes, be still and imagine yourself living that life, and if it makes a smile, if it brings an energy to you, then you know there's something there.

00:34:54.583 --> 00:34:58.610
if it doesn't, you know that you've got to keep looking.

00:35:03.081 --> 00:35:09.610
Well, i would say that thing with that you said with, if it smiles, if you smile, it kind of gives you that sense of that energy.

00:35:09.610 --> 00:35:17.688
Great way of looking at it, because one of the things we talk about also is what's true for you will always make you lighter, always.

00:35:17.688 --> 00:35:23.855
What's what's not true for you is all what's a lie in your world is always going to make you heavier.

00:35:23.855 --> 00:35:36.853
So once you start trusting that lightness and going, oh, you know what, this choice that I'm about to make, it really matches the energy of that life that I'm starting to to get a sense of.

00:35:36.853 --> 00:35:44.728
I'm going to choose that and you start choosing based on what you are aware of that's true for you, absolutely, your life will begin to.

00:35:46.077 --> 00:35:49.503
I mean we could just keep talking and talking, and talking and talking and we could stop.

00:35:49.503 --> 00:35:50.166
We do.

00:35:50.166 --> 00:35:51.628
We've got to get you on again.

00:35:51.628 --> 00:35:53.637
So where do we find out more about you?

00:35:53.637 --> 00:35:55.940
where do you find out more?

00:35:55.940 --> 00:35:57.643
where do you find out?

00:35:57.643 --> 00:36:00.065
where can people find out more from if they're interested?

00:36:04.396 --> 00:36:07.159
I would say check out my website is brandon what dot com?

00:36:07.159 --> 00:36:10.726
but also check out access consciousness.

00:36:10.726 --> 00:36:12.909
Google it, access consciousness dot com.

00:36:12.909 --> 00:36:15.297
It's A phenomenal.

00:36:15.297 --> 00:36:17.641
With the tools that are available and it's just.

00:36:17.641 --> 00:36:19.706
I mean, i wouldn't be here yet.

00:36:19.706 --> 00:36:21.349
Honestly, i wouldn't be here without it.

00:36:22.916 --> 00:36:24.440
I wouldn't be your message.

00:36:24.440 --> 00:36:35.601
so a lot of our guests are people who who listen to our podcast because they want to be, they want to be Motivated or to be inspired, they want something to understand how they unlock their next level.

00:36:35.601 --> 00:36:38.224
what is your party message for everyone?

00:36:43.114 --> 00:36:56.768
I would say Look for what it is you truly desire to have as your life and go for it, regardless of what other people think of it.

00:36:56.768 --> 00:37:10.550
Get clear on what that is, even if it is uncomfortable to look at, even if it's, you know, gets a little hard to look at is get clear on that so you actually have some sense of what you are capable of.

00:37:10.550 --> 00:37:12.855
And then I would say go for it, don't let anyone stop you.

00:37:13.818 --> 00:37:16.655
I'll take that to heart as well, brandon.

00:37:16.655 --> 00:37:17.597
Thank you so much.

00:37:17.597 --> 00:37:18.420
You heard it all.

00:37:18.420 --> 00:37:25.820
There's a lot of great stuff we spoke to spoke about, but for me personally, if I reflect more, the big things for me is Number one question everything.

00:37:25.820 --> 00:37:32.101
Number two when someone gives you feedback, tell yourself that's interesting.

00:37:32.101 --> 00:37:38.864
Number three is look around you and visualize and see if that's the life you wanted.

00:37:38.864 --> 00:37:41.568
If it makes you smile, you know you're onto something.

00:37:41.568 --> 00:37:46.182
Those are three of the powerful feet of the lessons we've learned from this feet of this podcast.

00:37:46.182 --> 00:37:51.719
But there's so, so, so much more, and it's been great having Brandon here to share these tips.

00:37:51.719 --> 00:37:53.525
So I do hope you found it useful.

00:37:53.525 --> 00:37:58.706
Take it to heart, go for it, visualize yourself living the life you want.

00:37:58.706 --> 00:38:06.740
Every feedback you get, question it and say it's interesting, but think deeper about it And, above all, don't just hope.

00:38:06.740 --> 00:38:09.847
Act and you'll make all the difference.

00:38:09.847 --> 00:38:14.222
Get on list, stay on list and thanks Brandon for coming.