Oct. 3, 2022

Unbelievable! The Story Of Hussein Abdi Kahin and what it means to you

Today we talk about the story of Hussein Abdi Kahin. Find out who he is, the importance of your gift, and success through adversity in this podcast.


In this podcast episode:

01:15 - Done is better than perfect

02:45 - The more you do it the more you separate yourself from the competition

03:35 - The story of Hussain Abdi Kahin

10:00 - People would make allowances for you if you have something to offer

12:00 - Mo Farah’s real name

14:30 - The very place where you are today is a stepping stone to where you want to be

16:00 - Your gift is what will make way for you

17:00 - When you are successful, it doesn’t matter what your name is

19:30 - Everybody wants a pice of you when you become successful

20:30 - The book I hve been reading this week - The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday