Oct. 22, 2022

Powerful Tips For Blending Into The Workplace Culture With René Carayol

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René Carayol is an internationally renowned keynote speaker that specialises in diversity, leadership and culture; drawing on his experiences on the boards of top British and American companies. 

He is regularly quoted, paraphrased, and cited on these subjects in both the national and industry-specific press.


In this podcast episode:

03:00 - What is inclusion and why is it so important?

06:00 - The two base skills of a leader

07:30 - How do you go from spike to inclusion?

12:00 - How do we practice inclusion?

15:00 - How do you overcome barriers and speak up?

22:00 - How do you know organizations that have its environments fixed?

30:00 - Hw to be present?

36:00 - What if you experience culture shock? How do you blend into a new environment?

40:00 - How do you wrap up your courage? How do you get your confidence?