Nov. 27, 2019

02. How to finally get paid what you deserve

02. How to finally get paid what you deserve

Today I would like to follow up on the previous epsiode where we started talking about expectations. Now remember! Expectations is about letting people know what you intend to give them and agreeing in advance. This allows both sides to know what they are getting.


This week I'm going to be talking about 'Making your pay match your expectations'. I can just see it. A lot of you nodding your head to say I know what you mean. Tell me more. So settle down and listen up.


A few years ago I decided to make the move from staff or what some would call permanent employee to contracting or consulting. I was relatively young in the field but I was confident , brash and had worked for a few global businesses so that gave me the belief I could do anything.  I had also heard that a few other people had been earning big bucks in my field and I considered myself on par with these guys if not better so why shouldn't I be paid.


A couple of days after starting a new contract I had started to get frustrated with the talk coming from people around me saying I earn this and I earn that and I was determined that I would learn the secret or find out to get what I thought I deserved.


A few days after I started someone else who was I must say a lot older joined the team and I guess he liked me a lot and we got to talking. I then I asked him the question do I get to become like the people that earn big bucks'. He took a long look at me and with the wisdom of someone who had been there, done that and got the T-shirt he said...Femi let the money chase you. I looked at him confused and he could see I didn't get it and he then said..focus on providing great service and the money will chase you. It made a lot of sense at the time but its only many years later with hindsight and the benefit of experience and the confidence that comes from knowing what I know can I say I get it.


Looking back at my overall experience at that particular job I realise I was so still inexperienced and its no wonder it ended with me leaving a bit earlier than I would have liked but it was certainly a bruising experience.


Here is a few lessons I want you to take away


  1. DO NOT compare yourself with others like I did. You dont know the price they have paid, their experience, their journey and where they are going. It's good to know what is possible but dont use that as a barometer for yourself. I looked at these people and expected the same.
  2. Focus on honing your craft and learning your skills. Treat every experience good or bad as building you up to the next phase. The reality is we all leave this earth - I hate to break it to you so we will do well to just enjoy the beautiful hustle or struggle. Each day is new and treat each task as an opportunity to learn and not an obligation or something anyone is making you do. Do this and you start to boss the situation
  3. Back to my old friends advice. Treat all your customers (anyone you are providing a service) like you want to be treated. Listen, understand what they want, find out what good looks like and do your best to get as close to that. Keep doing that and your resume grows and one day you will be master of all you survey and the money will be chasing you.
  4. Your resume is one of you biggest negotiation tools. You can see what I have done. You need what I know. Let's talk


I love this saying that it takes years to become an overnight success and the same should apply to us.


Trust the process is a popular saying in sports when you are putting in the work and not yet seeing the fruits of your hardwork.


So whatever you are doing focus on enjoying it, staying true to the game, don't cheat your clients, stay patient and focus on getting better.