Like a warm hug

This podcast is so many things but it mostly feels like an old friend. It feels like sitting down with thoughtful, intelligent, caring, chosen family. Sarah is one of my favorite people to listen to in general but Alex is also a fast favorite and they’re both just so easy to love. SO MANY of my favorite movies are discussed and it’s just a gift. Thank you.

A hug of a podcast

This is the podcast equivalent of a warm fleece blanket, your favorite candle, and a nap on a cool rainy day. So wholesome and comforting.

Best Movie Podcast (and podcast in general)

This podcast is such a treat, and the perfect mix of engaging storytelling, fun conversation among friends, and stimulating discussion. I have not seen most of the movies covered (and am terrified of scary movies) yet I still enjoy every single episode. Highly recommend!!!

Like taking an college movie class with your gbfs

Truly tickles the part of my liberal arts brain of over discussing and analyzing movies and imagery. It gets me through my work day and lets me be a little nicer to myself, so I’d call that a win win. Thanks for being my parasocial besties <3

Just great

I love revisiting the movies of my youth through their lens. I do not like horror movies but I will happily spend an hour listening to Sarah and Alex and guest discuss a horror movie. Sarah is a literal genius with a simile. This podcast got me through my covid isolation period and I am forever grateful for that. Highly recommend.

A delight

This podcast feels like a warm hug from a friend. The conversation is always really loving and appreciative, though not uncritical, and it’s been a fun way to revisit movies I love.

Coziest podcast around

This is the podcast I save for the weekends. It’s my special podcast that needs my full attention! Love the inclusivity, love the movies they talk about and loved the talk about Splash and mermaids. I want to be a mermaid now!

Love you mean it

Thank you for your heartfelt review of the Little Mermaid. It’s my favorite “old” Disney movie, and I had started to feel bad for liking it—thinking Ariel gave up her voice for a guy! How anti-feminist! But no, she made a Faustian deal to get her true wish, to see a new world. It was so refreshing to listen to the story told by people who truly love it.

Sarah is my patron saint

I found the podcast through listening to Sarah’s other podcast, You’re Wrong About, I think she is one of the funniest people! I work super long 10 hour shifts and I pretty much always need to have something in the background other wise I literally wanna die but I can say that many many times Sarah has been the thing that allows me to keep going and resist the temptation to leave work early (everyday). Alex is fun too, and I love hearing his takes! The Rosemary’s Baby episode where Sarah breaks into song at one point fully belting “I MET HIM AT THE CANDYYYY STOREEEEEE” referring to satan literally had me smiling to my myself and holding in my laughter at work. Love love love the show!!

Absolute gem

Favorite pod out there, along with YWA obvi

Love this podcast

I love YWA. This podcast is amazing. It always makes my day. There are some movies I haven’t gotten the chance to see but know about because of this podcast. As well some movies I love and I get to remember why I love the movie. Sarah is my hero and I love her. Alex is the greatest and makes everything better.

Great way to revisit movies that you love

Sarah is brilliant and Alex complements her nicely, for the most part. I like to listen to episodes for movies that I’ve seen at least a month prior (there’s way too much plot summary if you just watched the movie yesterday, and I think it’s generally more fun to use the podcast to refresh your memory). Listen first to the episodes of movies you’ve loved as a child or teenager, while watching some films that you’ve always meant to see, and then circle back to the podcast for newly watched stuff after some time has passed. Don’t listen to episodes on media that you don’t have good vibes towards, because this podcast is all about seeing the good in movies, so your criticisms and negative experiences will mostly not be validated, or will only be validated in brief caveats (like, Charlie’s Angels is really lovely except for all of the brown/black/yellowface lol!). If anyone involved in the show reads this review, please think through whether or not a “feelings podcast about movies” really needs to attempt to be so uniformly positive. Ratatouille was a similarly painful experience where the guest no longer liked the movie on her most recent viewing and basically no one knew what to do with that. Analyzing why something doesn’t work or hold up can actually be really interesting but the hosts had blinders on and kind of kept doing the toxic positivity show anyway even though it was bizarrely disconnected from the guests experience. Along those same lines, listening to Alex call season one of And Just Like That lovely made me want to claw my own eyes out and it made me reconsider my Patreon subscription but I ultimately came back. Only a white man who hadn’t really seen SATC could straightforwardly enjoy AJLT. Everyone else was cringing through the whole thing. But when it’s good, and it’s for a movie that you love, it’s good… so I’m still giving it 5 stars. Skip episodes liberally to find the gems.

I don’t like movies

I don’t like movies, and yet I love this podcast


I love this show. It’s full of authentic conversations about humans dealing with their feelings. Been listening since it was Why Are Dads? It’s simply one of the best podcasts out there 💕

Hi guys are we going back in town tonight

I’m going to go to get my house and I’ll let you know when I’m going to get my stuff back from the house and then I have a few things to go get my car back from the house now to get

She’s my Rushmore

My favorite podcast by far. Sarah has a once-in-a-generation mind, her observations regularly astound me. Alex is equally profound as he adds a quirkiness that always feels inclusive and compassion that frames every discussion. Love the movies, love the guests, love the friendships.


like with most pods, a lot depends on the subject matter, but when they do an episode on media i actually consume they’re heartfelt and great listens

Thank you

This podcast always surprises me with the depth and complexity of emotions that are explored through films that were often so important to me as a younger person. I love the friendship between Alex and Sarah. I love the analysis, and the care with which the stories are held. Thank you.

Favorite Podcast

Far and away my favorite pod. I listen to it throughout the day as I commute to work, cook, etc. No joke lol my husband and I listen together on long car rides and find we’re a lot calmer when in traffic. I also listen to it to help me go to sleep at night (it’s been the best thing for my baddddd insomnia / anxiety) . I went to the YWA tour a few months back. I can’t say enough about how the good energy just vibed off the whole crew (+ audience too)!! Also lol I met Alex and he was just such an incredibly nice dude. Anyway - love you guys. Thanks for everything you do! It’s so greatly appreciated.


Sarah and Alex have the unique ability of making you feel like you’re the fourth person in the conversation. Since finding You Are Good, I’ve forsaken all other podcasts and ignored new episodes of my usual favorites in order to catch up on the backlog. Sarah and Alex, if you read this, thank you thank you and PLEASE cover Twilight soon!!

Love this

Love the wit and insight of the hosts and guests. Sharp but kind. A pleasure

Eve lindley!

She’s so funny pls invite her again! !!! :)

Lovely show

It’s a feelings podcast about movies! I’ve been listening since the beginning (when it was Why Are Dads) and always enjoy the conversation, even if I haven’t seen the movie. And sometimes I discover a new movie or rewatch a favorite. Sarah and Alex and guests are always a joy, they’re thoughtful and funny. It’s a great addition to the You’re Wrong About universe.


i listen to this podcast whenever i need to feel like i’m cozied up and the world is going to be alright, love the guests, keep up the good work!

What happens to the guests?

Nice show but I’m curious because Ive listened to a handful of episodes and always see guests cited and introduced but the whole episode goes by and I only heard the same two people talking. Once in a while a third person might say one thing and Sarah Marshall just says “yeah” and proceeds to monologue

Empathy, the podcast

Truly lovely podcast with hosts and guests who approach film conversations from a perspective of feelings and experiences rather than film bro criticism. It’s like overhearing your smartest, kindest, funniest friends talk about a favorite movie each week.

My “comfort food” podcast

A gentle, fun, lovely show that I find myself turning to more and more right now. Sarah, Alex, and their guests are laugh-out loud funny and insightful. Like hanging out with your cleverest friends and they gush about things they love.

Illeana Douglas Voice

Sarah Marshall sounds just like Illeana Douglas! Her voice!!! I can’t un-hear it! Great podcast!


Absolutely love the nuance, the humor, the heart, the empathy, compassion, insight, and joy that Sarah and Alex bring to these conversations. They are just the best and feel like old friends. Love listening and look forward to each new episode, whether I’ve seen the movie or not.