Nov. 14, 2023

Learn How to Win a Child Custody Battle

Learn How to Win a Child Custody Battle

Divorce is never easy. It can get downright ugly when there are kids involved. It can escalate

into a bitter custody battle with custody arrangements that are not good for children.

There is a way to win in family court even when your ex is lying. Renee

Rodriguez is a divorce coach, professional strategist, and the founder of Best

Foot Forward. She is a custody consultant, a Violence Against Women (VAW) Advocate, and a

certified instructional designer. It is her mission to help parents find self-empowerment again

in spite of divorce. Renee took on her own custody battle and won so she knows the

challenges custodial parents face. She empowers parents with the strategies

they need to help themselves and protect their children with The Custody

Blueprint that she designed. The Custody Blueprint arms protective

parents with everything they need to prepare for court even in the face of lies

and manipulation. Renee’s common-sense steps guide parents on what to do

to win in family court. Learn how to survive and win a custody battle in this

episode of Women Road Warriors with Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro.

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