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Aug. 7, 2023

The Power of Unrestrained Boldness

The Power of Unrestrained Boldness

Have you ever felt the deep yearning to stand boldly in front of your podcast audience, to exude confidence in your business and in your ministry? In our quest for such unshakable courage, we find a profound lesson in the book of Acts. Let's journey into a passage that captures the essence of this unwavering boldness, drawing inspiration from the experiences of Peter and John.


**It Starts with an Encounter with Jesus:**


Peter and John, two disciples of Jesus, stood face to face with the Jewish leaders who questioned the authority behind their miraculous healing and their testimony of Jesus being the Messiah. Fueled by the Holy Spirit, Peter responded boldly and with unwavering confidence, speaking the very words that Jesus had instilled within him. The council members were taken aback by Peter's audacity, noting that he lacked formal religious training. Yet, what truly resonates from this encounter is the verse that follows, “Then they began to understand the effect Jesus had on them simply by spending time with them.”


The message is clear: if we seek to stand boldly before our audience, to radiate confidence and conviction, we must first spend time with Jesus. This intimacy leads to transformation on multiple levels. As we lock eyes with our Jesus, our perspectives gain clarity, our vision sharpens, and our hearts overflow with love, sourced from Him. This transformation extends across all facets of life - motherhood, marriage, podcasting, business, and beyond. By simply investing time in the presence of Jesus, a powerful ripple effect of change is set into motion.


**Pointing Others to Jesus:**


Returning to the small but mighty growing church, Peter and John shared their experience with the high priest and elders. The community's response was a profound act of worship directed toward Jesus. This response highlights a privilege we share, whether as podcasters, business owners, or storytellers. We have the extraordinary opportunity to share the testimony of Jesus through our own experiences and ventures. Just as a contagious enthusiasm draws us towards those who radiate a longing for Christ, so too can we ignite the same yearning in others through our testimonies.


**The Power of Praying with Unrestrained Boldness:**


As Peter and John faced opposition, they turned to prayer, their words an expression of their heart's desire: “Empower us, as your servants, to speak the word of God freely and courageously.” Their plea was aligned with the Kingdom, and it yielded a tangible response from the world. The ground shook beneath them, and they were filled with the Holy Spirit, emboldening them to proclaim God's word with unrestrained boldness.


The Greek word 'Parresia,' translating to unrestrained boldness, encapsulates more than mere confidence; it's a fearless flow of words from the heart, a cheerful courage that stems from a deep assurance.


**Meeting Jesus and Sharing His Story:**


Our lives are transformed as we spend time with Jesus, leading to a ripple effect within our communities. The courage to pray for signs and wonders, to ask for unrestrained boldness, is inspired by the example of Peter and John. We have the same opportunity!


What is it that you feel called to speak about, even if fear and hesitation loom? Maybe memories of judgment or apprehension restrain you. Know that these emotions are natural. However, within you resides a story, a message that can liberate others - a message God has placed within you. It's a message that you can deliver with the same boldness that Peter and John displayed.


The power of spending time with Jesus is undeniably transformative, propelling us to be bright shining lights of courage and confidence. As we invite Jesus into our hearts, His strength becomes our own, and we are enabled to share His story freely and courageously. So, embrace the call, meet with Jesus, let His words resonate within you, and empower others through your authentic, unrestrained boldness.