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If you are a female christian entrepreneur or coach, you need a podcast. And if you have a podcast, you need a podcast coach. Finding a supportive and empowering community is key to podcast success. Through my holistic approach as a trained life coach and my experience in the podcast industry since 2016, I want to encourage you weekly through answering your podcasting questions. You may be asking: How do you start a podcast? What equipment do you need to start a podcast? How do I grow my podcast? How to plan podcast content? How do I funnel my podcast listeners into my coaching business? How do I avoid podfade? Not only will we talk about these basic podcasting questions, but we will continue to grow together as female Christian entrepreneurs and coaches by talking about these topics: Dreaming Big with God Declarations Over Your Podcast What Does it Look Like to Partner with God in Your Business Starting with and Finding Your Why What are Your Values and Why They are Important Being in Alignment with What God has called you to do Holistic Approaches to Thriving in Podcasting We are wholehearted human beings created for purpose and I want to remind you, you have a story and a calling to shine to the world. Your voice matters. Let’s take your idea of a podcast, and launch it, and grow your podcast with purpose and intentionality.