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The Walk 2 Wealth Origin

They say the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Join host, John Mendez, in the journey to financial independence and beyond. Prepare to hear about topics including, but not limited to, investing, budgeting, mindset, credit, real estate, work/life balance, etc. The average person can obtain wealth and success in most areas of their lives, but it can not be obtained by doing average things. So strap in and enjoy the ride!


Before we strap in, let me take you back to the summer of 2021. Fairly often, I would find myself on FaceTime with a childhood friend. We would always talk about the goals we wanted to accomplish, entrepreneurship, investing, and many more topics. One day he suggested we start a podcast since our conversations contained a lot of value. He thought it would be a great idea to start sharing some of this value with an audience on a broader scale. Young adults, although they may not want to admit it, are very impressionable and tend to fall victim to whatever social media, society, or their immediate circle thinks they should be doing. We thought this would be a great way to start teaching other people our age financial literacy.

Fast forward to the end of August 2021, my friend who had suggested the idea was no longer able to since he was going back to college to start his junior year. I had already left school to pursue my real estate license and begin a career in real estate as an agent. Our schedules no longer aligned, and I wanted to make the podcast a reality. In my journal, I would write every week to come up with a name for my podcast. After every week, there was no name to show. After three long months of procrastinating, the name Walk 2 Wealth came to me.

Once the name Walk 2 Wealth came to me, I instantly knew it was the one. For the 99.9% of us who aren't viral, overnight sensations, the journey to a wealthy, abundant life is a walk. Some may walk faster than others, but what good is sprinting to the finish line if you pass out when you cross it? Society tends to push "hustle culture," which leads to burnout and regret. Too many people get caught catching stride and never stop to question the direction they're running in. People are too busy following their "passion" and their "why" and don't spend enough time gaining clarity on who they are and who they are meant to help. That's what we call our "purpose," and our purpose trumps all. The number one and two regrets from people at the end of their lives are "I wish I had the courage to live a true life to myself and not what others expected" and "I wish I hadn't worked so hard!"

A wealthy life isn't filled with regrets. It's filled with abundance in all your areas of life. The six core areas of life are spirituality, physical health, relationships, career, business, and finances. When you live an abundant life, you operate at a higher vibration, on a higher plane essentially, which brings an abundance of opportunities to you. There's a reason why so many "rich" people are lonely, miserable, and depressed. No matter how many material objects we buy, nothing will help solve the pain of living an unfulfilled, regretful life. There's a difference between being rich and being wealthy. My definition of wealth grants me the freedom and flexibility to tackle the question of "how do I become wealthy" from a more holistic approach.

Although it took longer than expected, procrastinating (procrastinating is a signal to self-reflect) may have been the best thing that has happened to me in my journey as a podcast host. Instead of rushing the process and coming up with a name to get the podcast started, I waited and came up with a name that has so much more meaning. My mission is to enlighten and empower young adults to build wealthy, abundant lives. My aim for every podcast episode is to provide MASSIVE amounts of relevant value to help the listeners wherever they may be in their journey. Most people wait too long before they start giving back. When they do, it's usually a high-ticket item that isn't accessible to everyone.

Information should be free! When you're operating from a state of abundance you don't have to worry about keeping an ace up your sleeve. What's meant for you will always find its way to you. What's meant for you is based on what you earn in life, NOT what you want, need, or think you deserve! If you're still reading, I'm glad my podcast has found its way to you! So, no matter where you are in your journey or even if you have not yet started your journey, join me on the Walk 2 Wealth!