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Walk 2 Wealth

Walk 2 Wealth

They say the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Join host, John Mendez, in the journey to financial independence and beyond. Prepare to hear about topics including, but not limited to, investing, budgeting, mindset, credit, real estate, work/life balance, etc. The average person can obtain wealth and success in most areas of their lives, but it can not be obtained by doing average things. So strap in and enjoy the ride!

Recent Episodes

What is Commercial Real Estate Investing w/ Brad Shepard

March 26, 2023

Ever wonder how to break into the world of commercial real estate? Meet Brad Shepard, the expert who will teach you the basics of this lucrative industry. In this episode of Walk 2 Wealth, Brad shares his knowledge and strat…

Planting Seeds of Abundance & Removing Negative Self Belief w/ Victoria Gallagher

March 23, 2023

Are you ready to live a life of liberty, aligned with your dreams? Meet Victoria Gallagher, the mindfulness expert who has dedicated her life to empowering people all over the world. In this episode of Walk 2 Wealth, Victori…

A Letter From Myself In March 2022

March 17, 2023

Entrepreneurship doesn't always go as planned. How hard are you willing to go? How many times are you willing to get up? Life doesn't always magically turn out the way we plan. Actually, it usually never goes the way we plan…

Money, Meaning, and Success: Align Your Financial Goals with Your Values with Richard Friesen

March 12, 2023

Are you ready to step into a new relationship with money, meaning, values and success? Meet Richard Friesen, the financial expert who will teach you how to align your financial goals with your deepest values and desires. In …

Breaking Free from Traditional Banks w/ Mark Willis

March 12, 2023

Are you tired of being at the mercy of traditional banks? Meet Mark Willis, the financial expert who teaches people how to become their own bank. In this episode of Walk 2 Wealth, Mark shares his knowledge and strategies for…

My Walk In February 2023

March 8, 2023

Here's where I'm at in life. Raw & Unfiltered. The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly. Entrepreneurship is a lot harder than it looks. Most people wait until they become successful in starting giving back. I'm choosing to be differen…