Walk 2 Wealth

Walk 2 Wealth

They say the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Join host, John Mendez, to begin your journey to financial independence and beyond. I started this podcast to enlighten and empower young adults to build wealthy, abundant lives. This show is for the youth who don't want to take the traditional route of finishing college, working a 9-5 until their sixties, and praying they have enough saved for retirement. I'm still in the trenches walking alongside you, sharing my experiences, and the experiences of others who have walked to wealth already. Prepare to hear about topics including, personal finance, mindset, real estate, and entrepreneurship. New episodes are released every Sunday & Wednesday morning so strap in and enjoy the ride!

Recent Episodes

April 3, 2024

Getting Money, Building Wealth, & Thriving As A Young Entrepreneur w/ Hassan Thomas

Embark on a transformative journey with Hassan Thomas, a beacon of financial literacy and personal accomplishment, who joins us to chart his remarkable evolution from college athlete to best-selling author. Throughout our co…
March 31, 2024

From Blue-Collar Roots to a 200 Person Empire In Columbia w/ Scott Morse

Embark on a journey of transformation and tenacity with Scott, an entrepreneur who traded a blue-collar destiny for a business empire in Colombia. His story, a blend of the books he consumed and the company he kept, unfolds …
March 29, 2024

How I Started Public Speaking Part 3

My foray into public speaking was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride with a lucrative twist. From the first tremble on stage to the booming applause, I take you through the incredible journey that led to my wealth buildin…
March 27, 2024

How I Started Public Speaking Part 2

Have you ever stumbled upon an opportunity that felt like fate stepping in? My journey, John Mendez, into the realm of public speaking started with such serendipity, and it's led me to places I never imagined, like the stage…
March 24, 2024

How I Started Public Speaking Part 1

Ever found yourself entranced by the magnetic pull of eloquent speech? That's exactly where my journey took off – in the unsuspecting surrounds of K Jewelers, where I unearthed my 'gift of gab.' On today's "Walk to Wealth," …
March 22, 2024

The Raw and Unspoken Struggles of Building My Business

Strap in for a raw journey behind the scenes of my entrepreneurial voyage—the peaks are high, like my talk at the Quantum Leap Summit, but the valleys run deep with challenges and self-doubt. It's one thing to share success …