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Volsteadland is a true diamond in the rough!
Wow! I cannot say enough good things about Volsteadland. First and foremost, it is rare to find a podcast that feels wholly unique, especially in such a saturated podcasting landscape. The fact that Volsteadland focuses on a specific time period in one Minnesota city allows the hosts to delve quite deeply into the topic and educate their listeners on specific details. I had not heard much about Twin Cities crime from the 20’s and 30’s before this podcast, but with each episode I feel myself becoming an expert. After listening to all the details of his notoriety, I was shocked that I had never heard of Kid Cann before! I love that Volsteadland perfectly balances research from both written archives and local stories that have permeated the Twin Cities throughout the decades. On top of all of that, Amy and Heather exude a wonderful chemistry. They play off of one another so well, and it’s clear as a listener that they are enjoying themselves. Their voices are silky smooth and comforting. This podcast is truly a joy to listen to!

So focused
I always love finding a show with such a laser focus on a specific time and place. The depth of exploration here is impressive because it’s such a specific slice of history. Handled brilliantly. Recommend 10/10.

Love this
This is a great podcast! So interesting

Entertaining and Informative
I’ve learned so much about the history of Minneapolis and the hosts do such a great job of making it entertaining, like hanging out with friends having drinks. Great podcast!

Fun and interesting
This is going to be very interesting. It helps that the narrators are fun and friendly and really into the story. I’ll be back for more!

Very well researched
This podcast seems to be extremely well researched. Any and Heather seem to be genuinely interested in Kid Cann which means the podcast and the hosts are genuine with their words and their episodes. I am super excited to hear about the underworld of Minneapolis in the 20s.