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Nov. 20, 2021

Theme Song: The Last Prayer

Theme Song: The Last Prayer

I thought I'd do a special post about the theme song we've been listening to for the last few months.

I discovered this tune when I first started researching. One of the things I did was to search "Kid Cann" and "Isadore Blumenfeld" in YouTube and then put everything I found, into a playlist. 

One day I played the playlist and as soon as this song started I perked up. I loved the dirgy quality and the underworld feel. It was maybe the 3rd time I hear it when I said to myself...THIS is our theme song.

So I sent a Facebook message to the artist, Paolo Forli and told him what I was doing and asked if I could use it in the podcast. Luckily he gave me permission and was actually super cool about it.

Here are the lyrics....

The Last Prayer (to Isadore Blumenfeld)

by Paolo For Lee

when I was a child I ran for the pimps
‘been in so many towns, so many beds
now I come in town and you lower your looks
I was born from wolves, devour your limbs
I’ll burn your bones!

I’m a fucking Jew’s strongest crime band!
I killed James and Walter, god bless them!
and then one I had even warned twice
then a big slut from east she was infamous
I burned her bones!

one day Meyer came down to the club
then we put on a wondrous gold empire
they all loved so much call me Kid Cann
but they do have left one bad last prayer
a bad last prayer!

Paolo for lee:
acoustic guitar, organ, voices

Download on SoundCloud


During my chat with him about it, he said: 

"In that period I used my music like a bucket, where to throw all the darkness I had inside"