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Nov. 15, 2021

Newsletter November 2021

Newsletter November 2021

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Hello Friends!

I see that people are signing up for our newsletter. THANK YOU!!

However, I am not able to send an official newsletter yet as we do not have a physical address (I produce this out of my home) and according to anti-spam laws, you must have a physical address to use in your emails.

Therefore...I have to save my pennies and get a PO box before I can send official newsletters.

So this will count as our first newsletter (I can post it, I just can't email you). Not too much is happening until we are ready to release season two, so there's not much to announce. But I will be posting things on Social Media, so if you want to see these things, be sure to follow us on Instagram or join the group on Facebook.

I'll try to remember to post them here on the blog as well, but those are more immediate in letting you know that there's content.

Thank you for your support!!

Amy xo