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Jan. 17, 2023

Overcoming Stress and Defining Success: Laurens.Life.Plans Shares Her Journey

Overcoming Stress and Defining Success: Laurens.Life.Plans Shares Her Journey

After years of being a solo parent and struggling with her mental health, Lauren has learned the importance of self-care and setting boundaries.

"I try and figure out what are the most important things, like two or three most important things for my work for that day."

This is Lauren's story...

Lauren is a mother of four who understands the importance of setting boundaries and maintaining a sense of sanity. She shares her own journey of reaching her breaking point and then taking the steps to recover from it by learning about the connection between stress and the body, practicing yoga, and reading books about meditation and self-care.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How stress affects the body, including causing partial blindness
2. Setting boundaries with kids, including around activities and social media
3. Taking care of oneself, including through practices like yoga and meditation

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"I've been down that road before where I have been up late after my husband's gone to sleep, working on my website or my blog post and creating content and that sort of thing in the past. And I know I cannot go down that road again."

"You can only do so much, and you need to learn your limits, and you need to put boundaries in place."

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Mom of 4

As a stay-at-home mom of 4, Lauren’s experienced her fair share of stress and overwhelm. For many years, she failed to prioritize her mental health. After reaching a breaking point in 2016, she discovered the importance of taking care of herself. It was then that she began her journey of learning about the connections between stress and our mental well-being. Today, on her blog and YouTube channel, Lauren helps moms by sharing tips for self-care, productivity, and personal growth. Lauren’s overall mission is to help overwhelmed moms feel better. Lauren identifies as a highly-sensitive person, she practices yoga daily, and Panera Bread is her favorite lunchtime splurge.