Episode 0 - Untold Tales 2023 Relaunch


Welcome to the UNTOLD TALES Audio Anthologies.

The UNTOLD TALES Audio Anthologies is a collection of original science fiction short stories of the highest caliber, perfect for your commute or unexpected downtimes. These bite-sized audio dramas come in different flavors and highlight the works of new authors,whose stories are being written as we speak and handpicked to be included on the podcast. Each episode of The UNTOLD TALES Audio Anthologies, which we usually just call The Untold Tales Podcast, is an independent short story of adventure, technology, love, hope, discovery, and mystery. This podcast was founded upon the writings of Dr. Jeffrey a Robinson, a retired technologist who co-founded this podcast with a very broad background including Electrical Engineer, cartoonist, project manager, science fiction writer, husband and grandfather. Each of our independent stories are told “audiobook style”, which means there is one voice actor voicing all of the character dialog and minimal cinematic sound design … It’s a simple, straightforward storytelling experience, usually narrated by Melissa Del Toro Schaffner… that's me!

Jeffrey and I met at a local writer's Meetup in 2019 during a presentation I was giving about being an audiobook narrator. Jeffrey has over a dozen published works on amazon.com which include his Untold Tales Trilogy and other incredible books spanning various subjects like genetics , immortality , crime and punishment, first Contact encounters, victorian sci-fi, the nature of the universe, ghost stories , time travel, alternate Dimensions, parallel realities, troubled communication, hope and inexplicable mysteries… basically, something wonderful and original for you to dive into every time you put in your earbuds or cast to a local speaker.

I love the stories we’ve collected for this podcast. They are smart, insightful and really entertaining. You'll keep thinking about the stories long after you've listened to them… at least that's what I found for myself. And now here's Jeff he's going to tell you a little bit about himself and the philosophy behind his books and his writing.

Hello my name is Jeff Robinson and I'm the author of these science fiction stories but good science fiction is not always about aliens and Technology good science fiction is not really about science at all when writers focus on these things they often take good ideas and create tales that are shallow and superficial the heart of good science fiction is really just a good story a love story or a murder mystery a whodunit a theft a rescue or an adventure the science is just the setting the venue or the excuse for the story in good science fiction the Science and Technology should just be window dressing or a fanciful enabler to frame the Tale in a unique setting or to amplify conflicts and personal interactions growth and change Discovery and loss empathy and pathos the focused of well-told tales should be on the characters not the technology the action and plot not weapons or spaceships the conflicts challenges hopes and dreams of people not time machines and futuristic weapons though they might add flavor and color I hope you enjoy these stories I offer them as examples of better than average science fiction that I personally love to read and write.

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Well, ok then, happy listening! We know you'll love what you hear.

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