Aug. 24, 2022

The Untold Tales Podcast Blog Page

The Untold Tales Podcast Blog Page

The Untold Tales Blog

This blog is meant to serve several different audiences:

  • Our listeners (both on our podcasts and those who listen to our YouTube videos)
  • Our readers (those who also read science fiction, including the anthologies that inspired this audio series)
  • Writers (both those that have contributed to Untold Tales and those who want to become better writers.
  • Our sponsors and patrons (so they know what we are doing to earn their continued support)

The articles here are intentionally short... bite-sized... like the stories we air. They are meant to tantalize and to make you think about different aspects of our podcast series, as we share our experiences about listening, reading, writing, and publishing. The blog posts are written by many of those who have contributed to our audio anthology series. However, if anyone who reads these articles has something to contribute, just let us know

All of us here have a passion that we want to share. So please enjoy and let us know what you think.