Aug. 26, 2022

Intro to Untold tales

Intro to Untold tales

UNTOLD TALES was created to fill a niche in the current writing market.

There are many services that provide stories to people, including Books (hardbound, paperback, and electronic). Books are provided by a plethora of writers and supported by publishing companies (large, small, and independent). Thanks to places like Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Press, Kobe, and Apple Books, authors can even market and self-publish their own works. Markets are local, regional, national and international.

Some stories are also available in audio format but therein lies a problem.

Audiobooks are often quite long and the average audiobook takes 9 to 10 hours to listen to. While some readers can consume a text-based novel in a single sitting, it is virtually impossible to do the same with audiobooks (unless you can, like my son, listen to the audio at double or triple normal speed.)

Thus, it usually takes multiple sessions (of 1 or 2 hours each) to listen to a typical novel that has been converted to audio format. (More if you have the endurance and tenacity to listen to a Tom Clancy novel in audio form, which can take 26 hours or more!)

There are 48 million books on Amazon; 12 million e-books; but only 40,000 on Audible. The time that it takes to listen to them is one of the major reasons that so few novels are available in audio format. Personally, I cannot endure them because they simply take SO LONG to listen all the way to the end.

The Untold Tales Audio anthology was created to mitigate this problem.

The short stories that we prepare and publish are short, typically 20-40 minutes in length, so you can listen to them in one sitting; perhaps on the drive to work or at lunch, or while relaxing at home (though you can listen to them as you work as well)

Currently most of the short stories that we have produced are science fiction (though a few horror stories have snuck into the collection.

Our plans are to someday extend our activities to produce stories in other genres; perhaps Mystery, Horror, Drama,

Instead of being gathered under the brand of UNTOLD TALES, they might get their own brand, such as:






The stories would still be short enough to listen to in the short times that you have to listen to a good story.

We are still building our audience... our listenership? In any case, if you like the stories that we have produced, you can help us by commenting here and letting us know what you think, what you enjoy, or what you might like that is different. You can also help by liking us (on different platforms), leaving reviews, and rating us on sites like Apple Podcasts.

In any case, thank you for listening to us and for being here. We hope to bring you many more stories that you will enjoy.