June 3, 2021

The Results Formula For Your Life with Life Coach Dawn Mathis

The Results Formula For Your Life with Life Coach Dawn Mathis

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If you have designed your dream, are committed to achieving it, and have befriended your fears, are you guaranteed to get the results you want?

In the second episode of “To Your Greatness with Dawn Mathis,” certified life coach, consultant, and public speaker Dawn Mathis talks about the Results Formula. The Results Formula is a way of understanding how, for better or worse, all of the results we get in life correspond to a pattern (a formula!) that determines the nature of these results.

In this episode, Dawn explores:

* How our thoughts impact our physiology and feelings. For example: When you think limiting and scary thoughts, you feel limited and scared. Another example: When you think expansive and confident thoughts, you feel powerful and more confident.

* How our feelings are expressed in our actions.

* How our actions cause our results.

* In summary, our thoughts cause feelings, which cause actions, which cause results. This is the Results Formula! For example: If we shift our thinking and feelings about something — such as viewing annoying challenges as wonderful opportunities — then this will dramatically change our actions, which will lead to better results.

* Using the Results Formula can help us think about our lives in the following four broad areas/domains:

(1) Health and Wellbeing.

(2) Love and Relationships.

(3) Vocation and Creative Expression.

(4) Time and Money Freedom.


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