July 21, 2022

Talking Trash: A Lesson in Waste Mindfulness with Dr. Kay Gillespie

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This time on “To Your Greatness with Dawn Mathis”, Dawn is joined by Dr. Kay Gillespie, a former professor at Colorado State University with an impressive list of roles working in higher education. Dr. Gillespiie cares deeply for the world around her, and she believes that we all should, too! In recent years, she has been facilitating classes at an adult learning community that focuses on the subject of garbology, which she is here to talk about in this episode.

Together, Dawn and Dr. Gillespie do some real trash-talking—  on garbology, that is! They’ll discuss our habits and responsibilities when it comes to waste,  and the importance of being mindful of what happens to our waste so that we can leave behind a better world for the next generations.


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