June 30, 2022

Live As If Everything Is a Miracle: Manifesting Miracles with Michelle J. Lamont

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This time on “To Your Greatness with Dawn Mathis”, Dawn is joined by Michelle J Lamont, an entrepreneur, manifestation and abundance coach, and a fellow podcaster! Michelle believes that people are not just supposed to survive life, but to thrive in it, and she helps people do exactly that!

Together, Dawn and Michelle get into Michelle’s story, from her entrepreneurial ventures at a young age to her experience in struggling with loss and depression and how that springboarded her into a journey of transformation and self-re-discovery. They then discuss Michelle’s methods of manifestation and how believing in yourself and loving yourself can be the best motivator to achieve freedom, happiness, and greatness in your life.

Connect with Michelle further:

Website: https://www.michellejlamont.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellejlamont

Podcast:​​ https://www.michellejlamont.com/manifesting-miracles-podcast/


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