Oct. 6, 2023

Taj Dashaun on “The Shark Effect” Podcast | Hosted by Alex Molden Ep 242

Taj Dashaun on “The Shark Effect” Podcast | Hosted by Alex Molden Ep 242

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Have you ever heard these myths about post-sports life? Myth #1: You don't need guidance, you'll figure it out on your own. Myth #2: Mentors are only for beginners, not for seasoned individuals. Myth #3: Accountability is unnecessary, you can hold yourself to high standards. In this episode, we have Taj Dashaun to debunk these myths and share the truth about the value of having a coach or mentor for guidance, knowledge, and accountability in the transition from athlete to life after sports.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover how to transition from sports to creating your own path and find fulfillment outside of the game.
  • Gain clarity and direction by asking yourself, "What do I want my life to look like?" instead of just pursuing jobs or money.
  • Embrace the transition as an opportunity for creativity and personal agency, allowing you to shape your life in a way that brings you joy.
  • Unlock the power of having a coach or mentor who can provide guidance, knowledge, and accountability as you navigate your post-sports journey.
  • Learn how to leverage your sports background to find success in other areas and establish your identity beyond the world of athletics.

Meet Taj Dashaun, an accomplished author, former athlete, and host of his own podcast. He joins me on this episode of The Shark Effect to share his insights and experiences on navigating life after sports. Taj understands the challenges athletes face when transitioning out of their athletic careers, as he went through it himself. After college, Taj didn't make it to the NFL and found himself feeling lost and uncertain about his future. However, this setback became the catalyst for his journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Taj now dedicates his time to helping other athletes successfully transition into life after sports through his coaching and mentorship programs. With his firsthand experience and passion for assisting others, Taj brings a wealth of knowledge and guidance to this episode. Get ready to be inspired by his story and gain valuable insights into finding your own path beyond sports.

The key moments in this episode are:

2:18 - Overcoming Challenges and Finding Purpose

5:16 - The Importance of Authenticity

8:26 - Constant Refinement and Growth

13:52 - Building a Lifestyle of Impact and Autonomy

15:14 - Helping Athletes Transition

16:42 - The Role of Proactive Athletes

19:22 - Universities and Transition Support

23:19 - Scaling Knowledge and Overcoming Roadblocks

28:09 - Taj DaShaun's Journey to Thrive After Sports

29:02 - The Power of a Like-Minded Community

30:14 - Where to Find Taj DaShaun

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