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Catalyst for growth
Thrive after Sports lives up to its name. Whether you're just listening to the gems Taj is giving out and/or you've gone through the program, there's no room for stagnant energy here!!

Can’t miss!!
Taj spills the beans about life after ball and the obstacles that most people will have to face…but he also gives keys to overcome them! Excellent listen and I’m a subscriber too!

The Real
Taj always know how to get the best in the business to speak their truth. His professionalism goes beyond expectation. Keep growing. Keep glowing.

Authentic & Sincere
Taj’s sincerity and selflessness easily comes through and this topic is so overlooked even as the awareness around mental health is increasing. This podcast shines a light on all that athletes have to give after their career ends. Episode 200 was one of my favorites. Check it out!

Taj has such a desire to help others it is truly inspiring. The work he is doing is so beneficial to athletes. He is a genuine person who offers great advice.

An incredible light!
Taj is an incredible light in the world and inspires countless with his amazing message and energy!

Inspiring & Uplifting Show!
Thank you for your incredible energy and inspiration. You are a gift to this world and future generations. Thank you for giving me the boost I needed through your podcasts & the energy I received just by listening.

Best mentor for former and current student-athletes!
Taj Dashaun is the most amazing mentor for both former and current student-athletes. Whether you are a recent graduate with a sports background looking for some guidance, a current student-athlete in need of a roadmap, or even a concerned parent, subscribing and listening to Taj’s podcast is a no brainer! He is a clear, succinct, and motivational communicator and you will leave his episodes feeling validated- yes, I remember struggling with that and now I feel more guided. Or, this has given me better insight on my situation. As a former Division 1 athlete myself, I find his content healing, relevant, and applicable. Taj is a former student-athlete himself (football) so he really carries a unique perspective with him as he himself has been through similar scenarios himself. I have loved seeing him grow from the start of his podcasting journey to current- he is so good at what he does! Keep it up, Taj!

This podcast has a real purpose
I haven’t listened to a podcast with the purpose of helping athletes find their new purpose until I listen to this one. I think this is an important subject matter that could really impact many lives for the better. As a former athlete, that transitioning into the sport of life is a big deal and I’m glad that there’s a platform built to help make that transition smooth and successful.

Taj Dashaun Review
Thrive After Sports is unlocking athlete potential in this podcast. Every episode has great knowledge and gems to take with you wherever you go. Highly recommend.

Great For All Athletes
I just ordered the book and I believe every athlete can learn from this podcast and Taj book. Thank You for all you do! Mike Hartman

This podcast takes it to another level!
Such a good show, I recommend this podcast not only to athletes but those trying to figure their next competition! Excited to hear more episodes

Love tuning into this podcast. So much of the content relates to the everyday process of getting your mind right. 🙌🏾

Great content
This podcast makes a huge difference for athletes and non-former athletes as well. Taj is so easy to listen to, and I really feel like he gets me and is speaking to me personally throughout the show. Keep up the great work.

Great actionable content
Thanks for putting this together, Taj. You’re an inspiration bro, thanks for sharing personal experiences and being so transparent with your progress and thought process. - E