June 10, 2024

Embracing the Athletic Mindset for Career Transition Success | 2ndwind Academy Podcast Ep 259

Embracing the Athletic Mindset for Career Transition Success | 2ndwind Academy Podcast Ep 259

Ryan, along with Taj Dashaun, founder of Thrive After Sports Life, peel back the layers of the athletic mindset, sharing their own pivots from competitive play to carving out new professional identities. Their dialogue illuminates the critical steps in crafting a 'second act' that's as fulfilling as the first. Whether you're a former athlete or someone seeking to channel your drive and passion into a new vocation, this conversation promises to shed light on the beauty of reinvention.

With a football journey that drove him to drugs, depression, and a blurred vision of life beyond College football, Taj now turns out to be the solace and guidance he lacked at his corner during his second wind. Therein he founded Thrive After Sports, a holistic one-on-one program for retired athletes that is driven by the simple but transformative mission of equipping athletes with the tools to thrive in life after sports. He goes beyond helping players find jobs and start businesses to help them find fulfillment in every area of their lives.

Tune in to learn more about:

- The motivation behind launching Thrive after sports

- Challenges faced during his college football career and their impact on his resilience and coping strategies

- Roles undertaken during the emotional aftermath of college graduation

- Strategies for discovering one's off-court path, thriving within it, and finding fulfillment

- Transitioning from discussing second winds to actively assisting athletes through those phases

- The significance of viewing the end of a sports career as the start of a lifelong journey

- Toughest aspects of supporting athletes during their transition

- The importance of athletes recognizing and being open to trustworthy individuals who have their best interests at heart

… and so much more!

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