Oct. 2, 2023

Revolutionizing Women’s Sports Apparel w/ Marina Paul (Founder of SPRHRA) Ep 240

Revolutionizing Women’s Sports Apparel w/ Marina Paul (Founder of SPRHRA) Ep 240

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Marina is the author of Becoming a Superhero: Awaken Your Superpowers and Elevate the Lives of Others (April 2021), and founder of Women’s Sports Apparel company, SPRHRA (April 2022). Marina’s story is about learning how to find connection with herself, in the face of darkness. As a College Freshman on the Top 20-ranked Georgetown University’s Women’s Division 1 Soccer Team, Marina almost lost her scholarship and went to rehab for depression and eating disorders. She then became the team’s first-ever 3-time Team Captain.

Taking the principles from her book, Marina set out to create SPRHRA, an athletic brand for female athletes. Marina is on a mission to eliminate the restriction placed on female athletes, by creating a community, brand, and apparel that gives female athletes the Freedom to Perform. Throughout her playing career and thereafter, Marina realized a gap in sports apparel for female athletes. There was no sports apparel brand built for how female athletes play, move, and live. Marina wanted to curate female athlete apparel towards an unprecedented quartet: high-performance, precision, swagger, and freedom for female athletes’ bodies.

SPRHRA is sustainably made in Los Angeles, CA and is built by female athletes who play each respective sport — i.e., soccer players inform soccer apparel. (Pronounced Super-hera).

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