Jan. 4, 2021

81. "The Athlete Mental Health Playbook" w/ Misty Buck!


Misty Buck, author of the "Athlete Mental Health Playbook," is a certified Professional Life Coach (CPC), Spiritual Life Coach (CSC), and the owner of a marketing agency.  Growing up as the coach’s daughter and a cheerleader, Misty spent countless hours in the world of sports and around athletes where she learned that your value was largely determined by your ability to be tough in any and every situation. Don’t cry. Don’t be a baby. Walk it off. However, as a shy and sensitive kid, Misty had extreme difficulty in dealing with various painful and traumatic events that occurred during her childhood and into her twenties.  Her internal struggle with mental health eventually exploded, and she soon realized that her emotions were real no matter how much shame she felt for feeling them, and or how hard she tried to walk it off. She learned how to use a holistic mind, body, and soul approach to healing and daily living to cultivate inner peace and clarity.  Today, her passion is guiding athletes to transformational peace and clarity through helping them focus on being a human, not just an athlete.   

Get in touch with Misty on Social Media @themistybuck or visit her website: https://purposesoulathletics.com

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