May 19, 2020

48. Why a Man Should Never Be "Bored"

48. Why a Man Should Never Be
Have you ever been around someone who constantly said things like: “I’m bored’ or “This is boring”? Some of you may have been stuck inside with these people while quarantined. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand being around “bored” people. Boredom usually stems from not having big enough dreams, visions, or goals to go after. When we cultivate a bigger vision for our lives, and the type of impact we want to make, it becomes nearly impossible to be bored Why? Because there’s always something we can be doing to help bring the vision to life. Next time you find yourself getting bored (before you go scrolling through Instagram or finding another show to watch), I invite you to stop, reflect, and ask yourself this question: “What’s one thing I could start doing for myself (and for others) that would have me excited to wake up out of bed every morning?” The closer you get to answering that question, the less boring life becomes. Thanks for tuning in! Check out the full video on YouTube here: Connect with me at LinkedIn: Instagram: @tajdashaun Facebook: YouTube: