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May 9, 2022

180. Your Podcast Mentor | Hosted by Jonathan Jones

180. Your Podcast Mentor | Hosted by Jonathan Jones


(00:00:00) – Snippet & Intro

(00:01:15) – Register for Jonathan’s Training here: http://getpaidwithpodcasting.com/

(00:01:52) – Today’s Guest is Taj Dashaun, Founder of Thrive After Sports

(00:04:48) – Having Support while Figuring Out What Works Best

(00:06:17) – Naïve and Lost Taj after College

(00:08:18) – Eye-Opening Steps towards Positive Things

(00:11:26) – Taj’s “This Is It” Moment

(00:14:43) – Why does Taj Work with Athletes for Free?

(00:18:50) – Two Questions: 1) What were the Results?

(00:22:15) – 2) How Does One Secure Sponsorship?

(00:27:14) – Athlete to Entrepreneur: Taj’s Takeaways as He Transition

(00:29:29) – The Start of the Thrive After Sports Podcast

(00:32:23) – Podcasts are Game Changers

(00:34:05) – Who’s Coming to Dinner with Taj, and Why?

(00:35:47) – Who’s Coming to Dinner with Jonathan, and Why?

(00:41:31) – This or That with Taj Dashaun

(00:42:39) – Connect with Taj Dashaun

(00:43:23) – Short Commercial

(00:43:50) – Taj Dashaun’s Final Thought

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