Jan. 10, 2022

153. (Client Interview) w/ Shea "Butter" Harrison

153. (Client Interview) w/ Shea

We’d like to introduce you all to Shea Harrison aka “Butter”. Shea was born and raised in El Cerrito, CA which sits just 13 miles east of San Francisco and now resides in sunny San Diego. At 27 years old he is still as charismatic, energetic, and goofy as he was as a child except today he is truly in search of something he knows he wants; a career in music management and live events. Shea played baseball for 17 years all the way through Division III Willamette University in Salem, OR and hit a wall like many ex-collegiate athletes do once they graduate asking themselves questions like; Who am I without my sport? What do I want to do? How do I start? With some deep thought, self reflection, and the completion of an 8-week program with the owner of “Thrive After Sports” Taj Dashaun, he saw things a little more clearly. In this conversation between Taj and Shea you will be able to see how intentional thought, action, and a smile goes a long way in guiding one to their ultimate goal. We hope you enjoy.

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