Jan. 3, 2022

151. Discussing the "Athlete Transition Study" w/ Dr. Daniel Zimet

151. Discussing the

Dr. Daniel Zimet has been in Private Practice as a Licensed Psychologist and Sport Psychologist (CMPC, Certified Mental Performance Coach) in Howard County, Maryland, for 20-years. His clinical work focuses on young adults, relationships, and sport. Dr. Zimet is the founder and President of MAC-SAPP, a consortium of Applied Sport Psychologists, and the principal investigator of the Athlete Transition Study, a research study investigating the retirement experience and long-term health outcomes of athletes. An athlete himself, Dr. Zimet has over 30 National Master titles in Handball, was ranked #3 on the 2018 SRWPH tour, and continues to play at the Open level.

Please follow the steps below to help support the movement!

1. Take the survey. See www.AthleteTransitionStudy.com

2. Forward a request to all of your friends to also participate. We need retired athletes from all sports at all levels of play. As long as they have been retired for more than three-months (and can take a survey in English), we want them to participate! You can find helpful information at https://www.athletetransitionstudy.com/recruiting/

3. Help us network! If you have friends who share our passion, please ask if he/she would be willing to take some time to talk to me about the project. I’d love to share our vision and hopefully keep the ball rolling on getting the word out. My email is DanielMZimet@gmail.com

4. Look over our website. Do you have additional references we can post/share that can point retired athletes in the direction of helpful services? Or a story about your experience retiring from sport that you are willing to share on Your Story? Help us make our website a valuable resource for retired athletes!

5. Join us on Facebook or Instagram (#Athlete Transition Study) and Twitter (#Athlete Study).

Check out the full video on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/qwnivNF9XH0

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